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100 Things About Me

It’s was a Monday, 25 April and while we’re all dragging ourselves through the day, I thought of this idea.

There was this hashtag on twitter #100thingsaboutme but I think its kinda silly do it on twitter, mostly because of the lack of space (140 char). Not to mention that it felt rather spammy.

I was interested to do it but decided to do it on my blog and update this one post periodically with photos and interesting facts. Now lets see how long it takes me to get to 100 things. Hehe!

25 Apr – Fact 1: I collect cat figurines


This is not really a common hobby I think. But I started when I was staying in Sabah and everytime I went back to Kuching, I’d buy a cat figurine. So now, most of the time when I’m travelling I try to find a cat figurine to buy and take home. The above pic also has figures of other stuff collected from travels


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