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12 more days

This year, as 25th September rolls by, I have no expectation, no plans for big-makan-makan-at-my-hse (like back in Miri), no food-and-water-balloon-fights-in-the-hall (like back in 2003), no being-thrown-into-the-dirty-stagnant-lake (which was our tradition back in Curtin Uni), no being-pelted-with-flour-eggs (which i used to do back in school), no picnics-and-bbq-at-the-beach (like i did in KK) and no long wishlists {like what erin did – babe im happy to be able to fulfill at least one item :D}.

I want this year to pass by quietly, in the comfort of close friends and family. Next year we will go all out. I promise :D because next year is most significant. 21 maaa… :P

I do however have a short wish list :
2. Anything from this list

iPod Nano Specs
3. That see-thru-plastic-calendar-with-pockets thingy at roominteriorproducts
4. Cash la….(easiest prezzie)

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