2004, a new year!

Hmm…it the New Year of 2004 already. It’s the time to look back on the previous year and reflect on what happened.

Looking back at 2003, I think it was the turning point of my life. I experienced a lot of changes in my life. I think I’ve grown more mature and independant, coz I had to leave home for studies. Being away from home is rather exhilarating. Hehehe….but it’s not all 100% freedom and all play. I think its a real test of self-discipline on how NOT to play too much (like i did….dat explains the bad results)!

Anyway, I’ve done things, wrong things, that haunted me till the end of the year. I was filled with regret. I’ve also been hurt by people I called friends. Friends who ignore me, friends who backstab me and a fren who played with my feelings. The last few months were the worst as I was faced with many problems, especially a problem of a fren misunderstanding me and then spreading untrue news about me. The problem has somewhat settled down now  but still isnt solved.

However 2003 was also the year that I made many new friends. Friends I knew I would keep for life. Friends who I felt were the closest friends I could have. I had many laughs and happiness in 2003 and many new experiences with I would never forget.

For me, 2004 brings a new hope. I’ve dropped what has haunted me in the past. I chose to forgive myself for what I’ve done and look to the future instead of thinking about it. I also resolve to do better in studies. hehhe…which i must…or I might have to find another place to study in due to financial constraits (my current university is rather expensive). Anyway, I’ll happily jump into the new year coz I’m prepared for whateve comes my way!


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