2007 flashbacks

I found that 2007 was great. I enjoyed myself most of the time. It wasn’t like the previous years which was rather crappy with extreme highs and lows – its the low points that really wear me out. However this year was different.

Here’s a recap of the past 12 months :

  • January : I was still using my old domain (midnightdances.com). The new year was good with loads of new stuff
  • February : Had my first open house since I came to KL. Its actually an invite-only makan2 for Chinese New Year.
  • March : Had marvelous steamboat – too much food for too little people, as usual :P Oh and also got my first laptop.
  • April : Took my first outstation trip to Seremban using the ktm. Got into my first (and worst) accident. Picked up a girl left at the side of the highway – there’s this interesting story about how she got there.
  • May : Changed domain names. Started submitting those meager attempts i like to call ‘photography’ – still a huge work in progress.
  • June : Had a craze for papercrafts. Celebrated my grandfather’s 101th Birthday in Kuching. Went all the way to Mines for bowling.
  • July : Went bowling again – my first jwg gath. Went for another gathering but this time with bloggers. Started my foray into blogging for money. Oh,Mag came down from KK for a visit with her fiancee. Started my final year.
  • August : Got 2 hamsters (but now one died because the other kept attacking it. RIP :() One of the biggest event in the Malay bloggers blogosphere happened – met lots of new friends. 50th Independence for Malaysia.
  • September : The 1st iban advert shown in TV. Heroes Season 2 starts. I turned 22.
  • October : Got addicted to Catan. Got my very own Car. Gegar Raya 2007.
  • November : Spoke my mind and disappointed a lot of people in the process. Had the most fantastic time in Pangkor. My first political-based post. Got into my second accident of the year.
  • December : Relaunching of Zestful Eats. Had a slight panic attack about uni related stuff. Apa nama kambing? Read about it here. Joined the Msian Youth Dotcom Search. You can vote for me on the top right.

Its been a great year – I’m very happy with my life and where I am at this moment. Lets hope this positive streak stays till next year.

Have a Happy New Year folks!


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