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7ate9 & Bangkok Jazz

Sevenatenin9 Finale Launch
Date: 08/04/06
Place: 7ATE9 @ The Ascott, 9 Jalan Pinang, KL

The ever-inventive Haze returns to KL performance with HUMP, a deep-space collaboration in an exclusive invite-only performance to celebrate the launch of bar-restaurant 7ATE9. Musician and producer Haze, an international star thanks to his work with New York’s Kings of Tomorrow, will unveil his sonic tableau HUMP aided by special guest percussionists. Expect deep, dirty grooves and the usual funk twists as Haze soars through his musical journey. ~ From Heineken Music (Malaysia)

White party @ sevenatenine
White is the new black

I had invites to the finale launch – but sadly juz one for myself and another for a friend – so i brought pammy along. Dresscode is white so i was like wondering what to wear coz i got nothing white. So i had to buy a white pants – kinda like jeans material and also some white sandals – coz mine putus when i was at OU.

We went there kinda late. Its supposed to start at 7.30 or 8.00 pm but we only went there at 9pm. There were free drinks – white/red wine, jw, heineken – at the bar till around 9.45pm. So i only got white wine, which was really nice :D

The crowd was mostly made up of young working people who want to be seen and wanted to s how their faces and be seen in the in-crowd. Which was actually rather boring if u ask me. We hung around for a bit then decided to go to Planet Hollywood instead.

White chicks sevenatenine Heineken music

My bag, Pam’s ciggies and our milkshake

First we dropped by in PWTC to pick joe up then proceeded on to Bkt Bintang area to stop by at Planet Hollywood. Manatau it was closed for renovation. So we decided to sit opposite PH at Segafredo (I hope i got the name right) for milkshakes. We were just sitting there chatting and observing the people passing by – especially those who got turned down at PH and looked blur coz they din kno where to go.

After our milkshakes, we decided to proceed to Bangkok Jazz – Joe’s favourite place – so that we could go for drinks and say hi to Vicky who is DJing there.

Me Black & White


I love the black and white photos on the walls

Bangkok Jazz was really fun – as usual. Everytime I go there I have a blast! It was mostly borakan and laughing at lotsa stuff and catching up – coz i havent met Joe & Vick for ages now. Pam really liked the place. Had loads of fun that nite hopping here and there.

Babe, we should go thr more often laaa :P
white pants The tosan joe & i Drinkin in bangkok jazz
p/s: aku jeles ngan kak noor sbb leh berpusing keliling tasik ngan K…romantiknyeee


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