a fren i miss

A close friend of mine left KL a few days ago. I never knew I’d ended up being so close to her. At first we were just casual friends, but after hanging out together often, with lots of good food(we both like to eat), shopping (we like to spend money), clubbing (hehe!) and lepaking till late nite, we grew alot of closer.

She left so suddenly and abruptly without telling anyone that I only found out the day before she was leaving. Luckily I had the opportunity of spending time with her before that. I learned a lot of things from this friend of mine. I learned that even tho life seems rosy and good, there is often more underneath the surface. Looking at her, she seems like she has no problems, but I know better.

She left because she wanted to take a timeout and rethink what she wants to do with her life. I think she is also faced with family problems (which she did not reveal to me)- and has to go back and make sure everything is going fine. I probably wont be seeing her for the next month or so – but even she cant confirm if she will be coming back to KL after that. I hope she will, because im really starting to miss her.

To that friend of mine, if ur reading this, I wish you all the best in everything you do.

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  • farm

    konat not every surface seen with full of colours reveals those underneath. perhaps that fren of yours love you to share the colourful her but the grey part remains with her till she wants to share with you… jsut bear with it…

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