A long long car ride..and then long sleep!!!

Today, now still onlining…well, at least my anime download is done. Hehehe! Planned to watch “The Village” yesterday but didnt feel well. Prolly need to start building websites soon coz I need a few sample projects for this job im planning to send in my CV for. Dont wana waste time lounging around at home doing nothing.

22nd Aug (Sunday)
Didnt really sleep d nite before coz wuz chatting wif frens about some things. Damn tired but had to got to church. P&W wuz lousy…miss being in KK!!! Went for lunch, came back, felt sick & slept from ard 2pm to 11 pm…woke up, ate dinner and go online

21st Aug (Saturday)
Im so tired. This afternoon (ard 2.30 pm) we took a long drive to some fishing village in Negeri Sembilan to meet up with my Grandmother & Auntie’s family (mother’s side). I slept the whole way…but felt really sick on the way there so vomited….eww….

The good thing : it wuz really great seafood and really cheap too. I’ve never eaten as many varieties of seafood in one meal. hehehe….eat until puas :) Crab, prawns, fish, squids, lobster all in one sitting

But still…..almost 5 hrs drive (to & fro) for good seafood?? I’d rather not…and my dad doesnt want to anymore. thank goodness!! I think this car ride still doesnt top the one we took to Limbang, Sarawak from KK, Sabah just to buy durians. It was about 5 hrs drive to and fro except with the smell of durians on the way back!!!
“Why din put it in the boot?” i hear u say….well, my dad drives a Honda CRV – no closed boot.

Interesting Websites

http://www.nestle.com.my/nescafe/kickstart/ – Competition from Nestle Malaysia

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