A is for age: 22 in Sept

B is for beer of choice: I seldom drink beer

C is for career: Full time procrastinator, part time student, dabbling

D is for your dog’s name: I used to hv a dog name Chubbs (short for chubby)

E is for essential item you use everyday: Armpit deodorant

F is for favorite song (one only) at the moment: Lessons Learned by
Carrie Underwood

G is for favorite games: Currently – Spellforce 2 : Shadow Wars

H is for hometown: Miri, the town with a seahorse (???) as it’s official symbol

I is for instruments you play: Recorder..haha. I have no professional training

J is for favorite juice: (1)Watermelon (2)Sour plum & LIme

K is for kids: Adorable, but not for me yet

L is for last hug: from *him*

M is for malls: Curve/Cineleisure/Ikano

N is for name of your love: My love is in a bottle – Salvatore
Ferragamo Incanto Dream

O is for overnight hospital stays: a few times when I was in primary
school and had chronic asthma

P is for phobias: Rejection and loneliness

Q is for quote: “When Im good, im good. But when Im bad, im BETTER” lol!

R is for your race: Bidayuh Chinese!

S is for status: Happily single

T is for things you like: Computers, eating, movies and friends

U is for underwear: Comfy yet sexy

V is for vegetable you love: Mushroom and corn

W is for worst habit: Unpunctuality, Laziness and procrastination

X is for x-rays you’ve had: None

Y is for yummy food you know how to make: Lasagne & Cheesecake

Z is for zodiac sign: Libra the scales

I tag : Evie, Pam, the F*cked up one, Yeehon, CSankai, Felicia, Shopaholic Queen and everyone else who wants to do it. Comment if you did.


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