Accident Again

G got into an accident again. Yeap. Second time. The first was when some guy hit her from the back at the LDP highway when it was raining. There was a huge dent on the back bumper. This time its in the front.

She was changing lanes in Kuala Lumpur when a motorcyclist which was going fast slammed into the left corner of her front bumper. The bumper was bent and the whole thing dropped off. The motorcyclist was thrown off his motorcycle and got hurt.

honda city bumper accident

If he was overseas, he might have been able to get compensation for his Personal Injury but over here people don’t really claim for that. Perhaps it isn’t really the culture here to do that. People prefer to settle it out of the court. Usually the person who is at fault pays for the medical bills. Or some kind of agreement is discussed among all the parties involved.

Well, the motorcyclist was an illegal immigrant from Indonesia and had no motorcycle license, what more life insurance. So we paid for his medical bills, which came up to about rm60. My parents weren’t too happy about it but there had no choice because my sister is still under probation license and this would cost her a few demerit points.

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