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an innocent comment?

(Edit: News = that makcik kesayangan of mine took off all her Haloscan comments & deleted the post on which i commented on. So you wouldnt be able to find what i wrote.)

Geez…cant believe it. I actually got banned from commenting on this Mak cik’s blog. All because i commented about her policy of “Unwarranted Comments Will Be Edited, If Not Deleted.” And also because i gave an honest opinion about tracking IPs based on my knowledge.

I didn’t make her look stupid or anything, I just said honestly that one cannot track IPs of ppl who open emails or blogs because it is too general. At least that’s what I’ve learn in my classes (refresher: im taking Software Programming & Multimedia for you peeps that dont know).

Well I’d understand if MamaBat got banned coz she said “Macam Bagus Sangat” or something along that lines. That one is a komen-berani-mati

Maybe she thinks Im in cahoots (sp?) with someone who doesnt like her. I’ve been framed! Wrongly accused! Im innocent!

Well actually….im being overly dramatic…actually….


*inserts very evil very dramatic laugh*


(i now officially wash my hands of the whole matter)


Im feeling on top of the world today. My assignments are all done, printed and binded, and I’ve only got 1 more paper to go (the one on Saturday doesnt count). Im going out to watch movies on Wed and after sat I would be totally free for whole month!! yay!!


I’ve got loads of unwritten posts all muddled up in my mind. Need to get em out soon. Sorry havent really been updating…busy studying laa!!


Im going to pass up my assignments now so take care ppl. Muah!! (esp to iza)


All Comments will accepted, unedited, undeleted and posted. So please comment.


(sorry couldnt resist adding that last line)


  • Anonymous

    coco, takkan i nak komen bagus jer.. kita idup nih kenala terima kalau org komen tuh.. dgn hati yg terbuka.. manala tau.. kita mana tau diri kita dimata org.. so open minded ler skit..


  • ayobkelubi


    itu orang-orang yang ego dgn dunia mereka.orang-orang takut hadapi kenyataan.orang-orang yg BODOH SOMBONG sebenarnya!.

    biarkan dia terjun dengan brood-broodnya!.

  • Merv Kwok

    this comment has not yet been deleted

    ur so right on the tracking IP bit. it’s too general. i think it’s wrong to ban ppl frm commenting what they wanna comment. trick is not banning them but hitting back at them! muahahaha

  • jijie

    it’s a pity if u were banned because it was refreshing to see someone with an honest comment on her blog.

    it’s funny that she talks about being adult and yet throw a tantrum over something so small (yet again)

  • Anonymous

    hi coco.

    i think we have to pity such a person, really.


    and i ditto jijie.

    kerengge cute

  • Anonymous

    all these while, so many people just kept nodding at her and showered her with sweet praises and wht nots, and out of sudden there came certain ppl (who were much younger) spoke out straight facts to her.

    that’s her problem, i think.

  • IcedNyior

    Bat: say TAK NAK to hypocrits

    Put: tak koser I nak kipas montot mcm sesetgh org tu. Ko letak lol pon aku tak delete

    Ayob: cian plak brood yg innocent tu kena..engko nie mmg ganas

    Linn: ciz…nasib aku tak deletekan

    Merv: well when i said that, she had the impression I was calling her “buta-IT” but that was just my opinion based on my knowledge

    Anonymous1: Kena ban is no big deal la..guna je pc lain :P

    X: ko mmg selalu no komen

    Jijie: cant help it if some people cant take honest comments

    Kerengge: Yeah i do pity her

    Anonymous2: yea..its the usual generation gap prob where older ppl cant accept the views/opinions of younger ones

    Emy: bukan gaduh la emy..dier cari pasal tetiba ban aku sbb dier suspect aku buat benda anti tu

    Rudy: are u kurekuresakti?

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