Annoying Calls?

Have u ever got those annoying phonecalls or SMSes from unknown people? I did get an SMS from this guy who asked “How are you?”. Apparently he’s some guy from Negeri Sembilan. I told him that he got the wrong number and that I was someone else. But that person didn’t believe me and insisted that I was lying to him.

I hate this kind of callers. However there is a way to do reverse phone directory and trace back the numbers that have been disturbing you or unknown miscalls.

Anyway, I finally got my guy bf to pick up one of his calls and tell him off in a polite way.


  • bella

    YEAHH! like all the fucking time XD
    which really pisses me off..
    i mean, i dont know u and i dont WANT to know u..
    and they still dont get the message..

    like “alaa.. i nk kawan ngan u je.. takkan tak boleh kot…!”
    seee siap tanda seru.. wtf man!

    see that tiang lampu? pegi mati lah fuck benda tue weiiii…
    menyusahkan aku sume nie.. benci dowhh.. serious!
    and the freakingly annoying thing is that they kept miscalling us
    tgh2 malam! aku nk keje!! bodohhh…

    mostly melayu.. melayu bodoh.. tak paham bahasa!
    ahaha! tensen tensen.. sorry.. just need to let it go :)

    aku sayang ko fiona :P

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