Assignments and Haze

As usual, I’ve been busy. Had my midterms after my BBQ party and now my days are filled with assignments after assignments. Mostly due before raya. Oh and i found out my exams are right after the raya holidays so my holidays will be filled with studying :(

Class just finished and Im so sleepy now, its really tiring to travel up and down to cyberjaya. not to mention the haze here is utterly terrible. The moment you walk out you smell a slight smoky smell and your eyes just start to water. It was so much worst a few days before.

Today im trying to puasa (keyword here is *trying*) but food only lah. I doubt i can survive long without water. I had a yummylicious buka puasa dinner last nite. Nasi kerabu with bergedil (mashed up fish and coconut fried patties) and ikan pari bakar. My mouth is watering thinking about it….must resisttt.

Its goin to be a long day tomorrow. I might be goin for a part time job interview in the morning at Bdr Tasik Selatan then i have a resit test for my Discrete maths and Im goin out with Erin to catch up.

Have a great weekend :D


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