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Oohh, i got awarded by Evie. She seems to be in a fantastic mood the other day. I wonder why :-?

“I will give this award to a laydeh whom i think rocks. She is a person full of confidence and she is smart. She has a beautiful husky voice too LOLand the important ones are, she is outgoing and sporting. And she is Iced Nyiorof The Zestful One. ;) You deserve it girl!”

Thanks evie! I dunno where you got that idea that my voice is “beautiful and husky” tho :P


I also LURVE my new blog template….looks nice yea? I finally got round to completing my blogroll – thats the LONG list of links on the right side. Holler if I forgot to mention you.


I just finished watching Scrubs Season 1 to 4. This is one my favourite tv shows about a resident doctor (JD) and his 2 best friends, Elliot and Turk. Simply hilarious!


I also finished downloading and watching The L Word – Season 4. This series is one of the most interesting series I’ve watched. Its like sex and the city (not that I’ve actually watched Sex and the city) but the main characters are lesbians. A guy friend actually recommended it to me and I was a bit skeptical at first – thinking it was lesbian porn – but it is a really entertaining show. **Note: there are a few sex scenes tho – showing boobs only.

I have a damn painful stomach ache and cirit birit since last nite. I think i went to the toilet like 6-7 times already. Lucky my bedroom is next to the toilet. I’ve been taking charcoal tablets no! not the ones for BBQs, very pekat tea (this one is Iza’s petua) and Pill ‘Chi-Kit’ Tech Aun – the ones that come in little round bitter balls.


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