Aww, so cute!

wei wei

I really like Evie’s dog – Wei Wei. She’s a cute adorable one year old female Miniature Schnauzer. Looking at her makes me want to hug her to bits! With that fluffy nose, small size and adorable face, whats not to love! Esp when she’s wearing the dress her mother made for her. You must go see her Dogster page for more pics and details. Dogster is a Friendster-like page for Dogs – great idea eh?

Speaking of dogs, when I was back in Miri, we stayed in this house with a huge compound stretching from the front to the side of the house all the way to the back. We had this mixed breed dog – couldn’t afford to get a pure-breed dog. We bought all kinds of toys for Duchess – anti-mites collar, squeaky toys and such. She loved to romp around and play with us.
dog bed
I wished I found this website so that I could get her some dog beds. I love this blue Microvelvet Donut Dog Bed. It looks so comfortable.
sassy ceramic dog bowls
These Sassy Ceramic Dog Bowls are decorative as well as useful. A cartoon dog is hand painted on the sides and the best part it, its made from Ceramic which means no more tipping over of the bowls – compared to plastic dog bowls. Im sure Duchess would have loved it.

Ah, I miss Duchess. Rest in peace old gal.

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