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Back blogging….

After reading the news about the tsunami, i felt like the things i was going to blog was going to be mundane and insignificant compared to the suffering and troubles every one was facing. Some people have a non-chalant attitude about it. But i feel worried about it because I have friends who are there and still silent. No signs whether they’re safe or not.

But yeah, heres a what i did for the past few days:

25th – woke up, go to church, Joe called from US, sleep, woke up, went to eat at the Penang restaurant, online for a while, sleep.

26th – woke up, went to Times Square in KL, met up wif Winnie, makan at Kenny Rogers, talk talk talk till puas, went back, sleep, woke up online, sleep

27th, 28th – Sleep, eat, online, sleep, eat, online…u kno d drill

29th – Went out for dinner wif Sids at Chillis…..bleh so full

30th – I did something pretty impulsive today. this is an except from my chatting wif a friend {which explains why the language is lintang-pukang}

i jumpa wif this guy ba ysterday apparently he’s from swak and my fren’s kazen. I’ve only chat wif him twice u kno…pastu terus je jumpa today…we chat this morning and arranged to meet.

So anyway, i had lotsa fun today. he’s a really nice guy…we got lotsa of common interests. i never meet up wif online friends so fast u kno….seriously…first time. den i saw my fren online juz now around midnite. he said he havent met him for like 2 yrs & he warn me to be careful bout him coz he cant be trusted. he ask if he got ask me out again or not….i said no la. den he said, take care of yourself.


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