Back in Miri~!

Im back in miri already. Hehe…been lazing around since last Fri but today I wuz busy running here and there to get all my transcripts & withdrawal form completed. Kim 69 stayed over at our place Sat nite and we both went out clubbing. It wuz really fun coz she’s always so enthusiastic about it. we both have the same mind..tee hee hee!!

I’ve also been watching Anime – Full Moon wo sagashite (sp?) but not finished yet. Nothing better to do I guess besides packing boxes & cleaning the house. Might be able to set up my computer soon. But kinda lazy to re-pack it again before this Friday when I’ll be leaving Miri :'(

Anyway, will add more some other time. It’s Fera’s bday today and I want to go to town to get her a prezzie. Bubai~!

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