Bad bad blogger

Argh…blogger somehow deleted my HTML coding while i was uploading my old shoutbox back. SO frustrating!! Then i had to put my backup coding…then spent ages fixing it up. U’ll notice im still missing a lot of things from the orginal. No goals scrolling up, lotsa links missing and a few small pics missing. Ah well…at least my shoutbox is working again.

{Winnie, Zam, Emy and everyone else who isnt linked here, pls tell me ur URL and I’ll link u back straightaway. }

One more thing, I called a friend overseas to ask them to wait for me online and when i went online, they were online but Away. Argh!

Im starting to feel depressed & frustrated :(

.: I miss you….but do you miss me as much as I do u? *cries*:.

Current mood: Frustrated
Now Listening to: “How Deep Is Your Love” by Take That – “coz we’re living in a world of fools…breaking us down, when they all should let us be, we belong to u and me”
I went to one Utama to eat Nandos 4 dinner today (didnt eat the whole day) then passed by this shop called roominteriorproducts. There’s this message bag that I’ve been eyeing for months and want to buy but it’s so damn expensive (RM90 or something like that).
The red one plays love messages like “You’re gorgeous”, “I love you” when its pressed and the yellow one laughs when you press it.
The orange one lets u record your own message and plays it when it detects motion in the room. That’s the one i want!! :'( not that anyone will give it to me *cries*

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