Heard in the kitchen of the house in Damansara, after a day’s work.

Father : Where are the bananas?
Mother : What bananas? All finish, this morning only left two.
Eldest Daughter : *cheekily* What daddy? Your one not enough is it?
Father : Not enough, your mother keeps eating it.
All : !!!


Yes! Its finally Tuesday evening and tonite its the time that can go out and enjoy myself a bit :) cause tomorrow i dont hv classes. Its great to hv a mid week break (to catch up with assignments and sleep). Just finished watching Hannibal Rising – a gory movie about murder, blood and cannibals – who knows I might just be rajin enough to write a review about it soon. Tonite’s plan is to attack my bottle of Jose Cuervo and get an early rest. Tomorrows is to wake up late, meet up with some frens and complete some assignments.

Have a great wednesday tomorrow people!


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