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Batang Magis & TT

Hehe…i was reading G’s blog and was laughing my head off. We were at IKEA yesterday and while we were walking around looking at the stuff (i lurve to go window shopping there and mentally swipe my non-existant Black American Express card) when gladys suddenly said “Batang Magis” and started giggling then she said “the magic stick”.

I was like “…..” – blur for like 5 mins – before I realized that she translated the Song “Candy Shop” by 50cent & Olivia. Then we both started laughing like crazy. Read the whole translation of the song “Candy Shop” at her blog.

Today when i got to uni, i was kinda terkejut to see eL & Nadia busy fussing over a digital camera. Apparently they were trying to take a picture of someone who looks suspiciously like TukangTaip. What do you think? We’re quite sure its not him :P

I dont have classes tomorrow meaning its going to be a 4-day weekend for me this weekend. Yay~! (Not that I have anything interesting planned anyway) planned to go to Genting wif some frens but tak jadi coz of the tanah runtuh. A good friend’s birthday is coming up and not really sure what to get him or what to do? Belanja kat Mosin? :P cukup ke? :P

Have a great weekend ppl~!!!!!

p/s: I think i’ll go stay over at a fren’s place this Sun evening/nite la.
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