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BBQ Arang

I knew everyone would be late so I took my own sweet time in going to the BBQ. I finished making my cakes the night before so I didn’t have to rush to prepare anything. Reached there around 5.30pm (they initially said to meet at 3pm). And saw that everyone was fanning an empty bbq pit.

What? “Inilah dipanggil BBQ Arang” Ohh…apparently Limah who was supposed to bring prawns & chicken tak sampai lagi. She said she’ll arrive around 6pm. Everyone was hungry so they started on the other food first – nasi goreng, ikan, kerang, j.co donuts, cakes, blueberry tart, salad.

Limah finally came loaded with chicken, prawns, potato salad and baked potatoes. Yey! Everyone was so happy to get to eat. The food was good (luckily lah, if not sure everyone will kutuk, “Dah la lambat, tak sedap plak tu” Hehehe!

I left rather early because I had other plans that night with Mr Distraction. He was kinda dissapointed because tak boleh follow. Oh well, next time la k? Anyway, they had a short meeting for the Gegar this year – tentatively it’ll be in Cherating and will cost RM70/adult. More info in ima’s blog here. More BBQ stories in Delinn & Lord Budak’s blogs. Pics from my camera here.

p/s: Siapa kata I merajuk? Takdelaaa


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