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BBQ Party

The BBQ I had last nite was quite fun – too much lots of food : marinated beef (3 kg), chicken wings (1 kg), mash potatoes (RM6 worth), sandwiches (2 loaves – trimasih Kak L) & tidbits. But only 8 out of 13 people turned up :( Most were sick with the flu so cant really help that, but the others had like no money or were busy. Nevermind la

It wasnt as big and grand as the BBQs i used to do at the beach back in KK or Miri. We had like at least 30-40 people at a time, but at that time we were quite the gila-gila type..willing to do anything and everything – jump into the lake, pelt each other with mud, make bonfires on hostel grounds until the guard chased us away, played cho tai ti till 7am, etc, etc – so it was great.

Not to say that last nite was terrible. In fact, it was a nice BBQ among close frens, lots of laughing and joking with each other and cooking and eating. We were so stuffed after. And slightly drunk because there was a bottle of Chivas, JD & Vodka Kurant. Then we went to Azril’s place to watch the Liverpool match (they won 1-0, making someone jump up and down) and makan kacang.

Went back around 2 am… whole body felt so heaty that i didnt get to sleep but stayed up trying to go online on dialup (my mom is SO going to kill me when the phone bill comes). Then talked on the phone with a fren for an hr before continuing thru SMS. Only slept around 7 am Sunday.

Incik P called at 2pm ajak lunch at McD so we went for lunch wif Ms E, then went to Ace Hardware, Ikea & Curve to go buy stuff. Then went to her place to use the internet, play tennis and lepak (different ppl do different things la).

Now going to lepak…babai

An MSN conversation the other day…

~B|aCk^RaVeN~ Malaysia’s Next Top Model~ says:
i tot tat kuih bahulu was kuih berbulu
~B|aCk^RaVeN~ Malaysia’s Next Top Model~ says:
is it nice?
[CoCoNuT^iCe] She sits in the corner, singing herself to sleep… says:
[CoCoNuT^iCe] She sits in the corner, singing herself to sleep… says:
its nice
[CoCoNuT^iCe] She sits in the corner, singing herself to sleep… says:
made of egg..sweet and fluffy
~B|aCk^RaVeN~ Malaysia’s Next Top Model~ says:
[CoCoNuT^iCe] She sits in the corner, singing herself to sleep… says:
but no bulu
~B|aCk^RaVeN~ Malaysia’s Next Top Model~ says:

My parents’ conversation the other day while preparing to go to Tg Malim (my mom is from there)…

Dad : Aren’t you going to buy some oranges to bring back?
Mom : No need la, we’re still going again on CNY eve. You always shoot out something off the top of your head.
Dad : Nolah, I can shoot something between my thighs. *laughs*
Mom : Aiya…u ahh!!

*I just pretended i didnt hear anything*


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