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been busy

I’ve been like really busy lately. After Pygmalion the other nite (Thurs) i’ve hardly been at home. Went dating on Friday afternoon/evening and walked around BB (as usual). Met up with Erin & Nick for dinner. Had a hard time deciding what to eat. Wanted to eat KFC but nick said it wasnt filling for dinner. Then wanted to eat western but he said he was sick of western food. They suggested some mamak stall but I was kinda sick of mamak food. So finally we settled for this western+eastern place which had not worth mentioning ok food. I bought this nice anklet/bracelet from nice! RM 20 went bye bye.

The next day we (erin, nick & I) went to Starbucks lowyat while he went to work. I had a conference with Laila Isabella in Penang & Afundi El in Cyberjaya about this assignment on firewalls that was due on Monday (yeah, we only started the Saturday before XP). Finally managed to do like 70% of it when my laptop was infected by spyware. Hehe! thats coz i never bothered to add any protection (its not mine maa) and was due for a reformat anyway.

We went to eat at Australian Outback – ate till we were utterly stuffed. I belanja erin coz I owed her dinner at Chillis since ages ago. Then incik sekinchan panggil lepak at Mosin, so we went thr. Kat mosin, hujan pula..was damn cold but we stayed there until 5 am.

Went home & erin stayed over…not long after that i could hear her “melodious snoring” (as someone called it) while i was doing some work. Went to sleep much much later.

Woke up around 3pm (that same day – Sunday) and went to takeaway Dominos at eat at Nick’s hse while i went online to do my work. Sent Erin back to Puchong around 10-11pm then went back to Nick’s place to finish work while he played PS2 and watched DVDs. Managed to get distracted to watch Robbie Williams live at Albert Hall…singing Swing…it was fantastic. Finished work around 3am, and went home to Sleep.
Monday I went to uni at 10am. Touched up on the assignment coz we wanted to print and submit it that day. Went for my MULTITECH FINALS at 12.30pm. I think I did quite well at it :D Hopefully a B or better.

The newspaper pullout R.Age was at our uni – with samples from Clinique (i managed to get 2 sets) and Dutch lady Iced Latte – together with “celebs” like Douglas Lim, Jaclyn Victor – the first msian idol, and Saiful a MI1 finalist. Managed to take pics with them.

After that Erin asked if we wanted to wash our hair – because the students in hair academy had final semester evaluation so they needed real hair , not dummies, to style. So i had this big neat PAU on my head.

Nick offered to send me back so we decided to go for a late lunch at Oriental Delights, 1U – nice food but kinda pricy for that kind of food. Then we went to watch Doom – it was an okay show, but the ending was kinda lousy :P

Went back, wash clothes, cooked dinner, had dinner, watched Lost at 8TV, and supervised my sisters baking Chocolate chip fudge cookies. Super yummy!!

Got my final project for Creative studies due on Friday (its 60% of total grade). Got English Final exam on Thursday and Computer Systems exam on Friday, then I start my deeparaya Holidays..yay!!

p/s: might be going pubbing this weekend.

note: oi, so what bout our clubbing plans after puasa? jadi or not? :P

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