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Being back home

Back to my boring life in KL. Sleep late, wake up late, clean up d hse, cook, online.

Oh yes, im going to stay at the Coronade Hotel on Sat nite to celebrate a friend’s birthday. So we will be lepaking around BB la. {No clubbing at all. really!!}

…”funky” hair…

Nah, my gambar rambut…looks simple from the front…but tengok at the back la :P My mom almost freaked. My dad ok jer. Finally my mom says it looks “funky” – what ever that’s supposed to mean.

Nice or not? not very clear tho…more pics of my KK trip to come soon :D There’s some in my fotopages already :)
…jalan-jalan cari makan in Sabah…

I was juz sitting in front of the TV when “Jalan-Jalan cari makan (jjcm)” came on and I remembered this funny story.

This happened in 2003. My family and my best friend (we grew up together) were on holiday in Melinsung – somewhere near Kundasang – on the way to the foot of Mt Kinabalu. Then we stopped by this hotel on a hill juz to look around and take pictures.

I was sitting at the lobby resting when the chef burst into the lobby and dragged us all into the coffeehouse and asked us to sit. He said they’re giving free food. We were given rice then some lauk : ostrich curry (yes, ostrich), paku pakis belacan and a few others. we were served Sabah Tea. Then bout 10 mins later, we saw the host for JJCM walk in and talk a bit then the camera pan (media speak for looking around while shooting- sort of) around the coffee house. The host & cameramen also went from table to table, shooting the food we ate, asking what we thought.

My dad – being the usual joker he is – proceeded point point at the different dishes, explaining each dish and adding comments melebih-lebih : “this is pakupakis with belacan, a type of prawn paste. This is ostrich curry, the meat is quite tender and the curry is not too spicy. My best fren & I already start ketawa terbahak-bahak…nasib camera tak nampak. Then they shoot my mom..and the host ask something like how’s the tea. then my mom praised the Sabah tea – very sedap la, nice flavour, bla bla.

Sabah tea is the WORST tea i’ve tasted. Honestly! And lots of my Sabahan friends say so as well :))

That was really funny as we tried to hold our laughter and posing like makan ngan syok when the camera pointed at us.


I changed the comment format. Now you dont have to login to blogger to post a comment. Jus put ur name, email and/or website. Something like using Haloscan but I found out that Haloscan has limited memory.

someone said “syok baca blog u”…hehe….feels great to get compliments like that :D at least adala juga org baca ttg my mundane life (yg tak seberapa nie). ada gak pembaca setia *terharu* hehehe


According to the statistics, ever since i left on the 18th, the page views on my blog has declined gradually, reaching the lowest point on 22nd & 23. There was a jump on the 24th, which is the beginning of the week but it also declined till the 30. On the 31st there was more visitors :D because i came back already mahhh


  • Anonymous

    damn I’ve always wanted a hair like that.If I ever so bravely did what you did to my hair, I can stop going home from then on. =) Cool hair though. 

    Posted by julz

  • Anonymous

    salam sejahtera

    wah cantiknya rambut fesyen baru :-) sampai bila nak mempertahankan fesyen ni, sampai dye habis ke? orgnya pun cantik juga :-)

    Coco, hang nampak lbh comel berbanding dulu, apa dah jadi dik, tension ke frust? kurangkan sikit berat badan utk kesihatan. tidur kena cukup, jgn asyik ‘menyelam’ aje. slh 1 faktor berat naik sbb x cukup tidur :-) 

    Posted by Kak Pah

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