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Bikini beach babes

Oohh I can’t wait for Phuket! Less than 2 months to go! So excited. I need to get a new swimsuit though. I’ve had mine for years and looking back at the Pangkor pics, they don’t really fit me well, especially at the bust. Are my boobs getting bigger? LOL!

I wish I had the body to put on a bikini. Yea, in my dreams. Haha! Well at least I can still go window shopping for that one fine day (again, in my dreams) when I can squeeze myself into one. (Hey, at least I am secure about my physical appearance).

hot bikini sexyI really like Vix swimsuits designs, especially their 2008 collection. Take this really hot and sexy bikini on the left.

Its the Vix 2008 Biarritz slider triangle halter top. According to the website, "this triangle top has brass sliders to allow you to expand the top." I can already imagine this under a sheer blouse and slacks or tight jeans and it can be a really nice clubbing outfit. Two in one!

This website has all the brand names of bikinis that I’ve never heard of – Vix Bikinis, L Space Bikinis and Betsey Johnson Swimwear – all for sale too!. But one thing’s for sure, their designs are all so gorgeous.

Now please excuse me as I drift off to dreamland… :P


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