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major project documentation-sore throat-minyak petrol-my Kapersky antivirus getting corrupted-ben-omg i hvnt finished my documentation-feeling chilly-doing the presentation for reban-the expensive parking in campus-my pc restarting by itself-dry coughing-eyes watery-clearing my throat a million times coz it feels like something is stuck in there-my hd being condemned to be reformatted-omg most of my data will be lost!-paid posts-saving up money for pangkor & Phuket-ben-blogging-that bloody major project-feverish-reformatted pc, lenyap la 60gb-looking for backup CDs-layan rambling kosong-handling stuckup classmates-downloading and installing programs-thinking about how to redo the flash thingy-sleepy-period-tired-fed up-that effing major project documentation
Yep, a million emotions running through my mind. Try to say that out loud together with me….BLLEAGGGHHHH~

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