Blindfolded at the pizza hut Cheesy 7 tasting party

I’ve always had fond memories of Pizza Hut, even back when I was in East Malaysia. I had this friend who would pour cheese all over her pizza and even into the soup! I think she would have gone to Pizza Hut a lot last year because as you may remember, last year they introduced the Ultimate Cheesy 7 pizza with Romano, Monterey Jack, Parmesan, Provolone, Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese topped with balls of Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

Well this year, due to popular demand from the fans, its coming back! And it promises to be even better! How? Well, firstly, a few bloggers and I were invited to a Cheesy 7 Sneak Peak at Pizza Hut Kota Damansara recently.

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We were greeted at the door with “Red Carpet” goodie bags and there was wifi (and its password was clearly shown at the tables – ‘eatlaughshare’ which coincidently is their current slogan).

After some introduction, we were told there would be a twitter contest (hence the TV in the pic on the top right showing all our tweets) to see who would get the most RTs of a certain phrase. Mr Yusof Ishak, Marketing Manager of Pizza Hut also expressed his excitement in introducing the new Cheesy 7 pizzas (there are 4 in total) and thanked us for coming.

Now, I expect it to be the usual food tasting session, but no, we were all surprised to find that we had to be BLINDFOLDED before eating our pizza. The team went around giving thick ribbons as blindfolds and then they directed us by telling us verbally the pizza was in front of us and moving our hands to touch the crust.

photo 2_2

[p/s: I am of the belief that pizzas should always be eaten by hand and not cutlery. Thoughts?]

So we got to try out 4 pizzas and were later given this ‘Tasting Sheet’ to write down our ratings of Aroma, Flavour, Texture, What we thought the ingredients were and how we rated it over all. So I’ll try and describe what I thought of the pizzas :

  • PIZZA 1– Was quite meaty, had BBQ chicken, minced beef, onions and some peppers (red or green. possibly the former). It was a tomatoish base.
    Aroma = 3, Flavour = 4, Texture =3
  • PIZZA 2 – This is the seafood one. It had Crab sticks, squid (surprisingly not dry or too rubbery), pineapple. Creamyish sauce. It was gooey but to be honest, I’ve never been a fan of seafood pizzas. Not one of my favourites.
    Aroma = 2, Flavor = 2, Texture = 1
  • PIZZA 3 – This was possibly an all-beef one. Minced beef, onions, pineapple.
    Aroma = 3, Flavor = 3, Texture = 3
  • PIZZA 3 – This was my favourite, next to Pizza 1. This one had minced beef but it also had an interesting creamy topping, I think cream cheese. Very good.
    Aroma = 4, Flavor = 4, Texture = 3

We were also treated to the ‘Favourites Platter’ a combo of the Chicken & Cheese rolls, Criss cut fries (fav!) and the New Orleans Drummets with carrot and cucumber sticks. It has been a while since I’ve been to Pizza Hut so I was surprised to find they had stuff like Tempura Prawn Garlic Rice and quite a huge selection of pastas as well. Is this making you hungry yet?

I actually can’t wait to find out what are the flavours available for the new Cheesy 7 Pizzas. So do check out their Facebook page ( on 11 Oct to find out!

cheesy pizza

We all went home with a bag of goodies, and tummies full of pizza. Thank you Pizza Hut for the good meal and the taste test!

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