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Blogger Booze & Laundry

I asked A if he was game to bring my sis and I out coz I wanted to go to the Blogger Booze organized by Daniel. At first he was reluctant but i paksa, bullied threatened pujuk-ed him and he agreed. I texted Nick and asked if he and carmen were goin but he was at a fren’s birthday party. Evie was busy she said she had to get things done I still think its a steamy, sexy hot session. You’re never too old for drinking la evie.

**exciting boobie pic after the break**

Even tho none of my friends were going I decided to go and show face and perhaps meet new people. We arrived at Modestos, Plaza Damas kinda late, it was almost 11pm. I had a mug of beer (RM9++) and my sis had Long Island Tea (RM16++) which tasted like medicine. Met Ratu Syura who was the birthday girl. Happy birthday babe! Met with a few other blogger and of course the Daniel. Josh from Advertlets was there also snapping pics and giving out badges to people (Josh! Tot u said wanna open bottle?).

Daniel and I

Ratu Syura was asking how long have I been blogging when i realized, hey, i dont know exactly. So i digged up my archives and found my first post – which was written when I was still using blogspot and my blog name was My belles-lettres – which then pointed to another older blog I have in Xanga in which my first post was waaayyyy back in 21 May 2004! Its 22 July 2007 today, so Syura, to answer ur question, I’ve been blogging for three years and two months. Wow!

At around 12-ish everyone split up.I heard some of them were going to Laundry and my sister said she was game so we went. It’s on the way to my house anyway so we popped by for a bit, had some JD coke then hit the dance floor. Laundry really needs to fix their speakers. The sound was like muted a few times that night inside while outside the music was blaring loud and clear. Not only that, the DJ sucked! I will say it again for extra emphasis, The DJ at Laundry Bar that night SUCKED! He ruin really good songs by doing too many scratching and stopped in the middle between changing songs. Spoil the mood weh! Give me Ghetto Heaven at Zouk anytime.

Gladz & A at Laundry dancefloor

At around 2 ish we left after saying goodbye to a half-drunk Daniel and proceed on to Mekdi in Kota Damansara. Didnt want to go to the Mutiara Dsara one coz its a weekend and there might be more ppl there. At first G had this crazy idea of staying till 4am so that she could eat the mekdi’s breakfast but we decided not to and just order food then. Sat down and chit chat and finally went back around 3.15am. Sent A back home then reached home in 15 mins.

Mekdi at 2.30am

See more pics here (sorry no Blogger booze pics coz i didnt take photos)>>

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p/s: Ratu Syura, I want those pics you took of us!


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