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I was digging thru my blog and found this poem i wrote in 2004. Its titled ‘Crimson Butterfly’ and a metaphor of the innocent children and woman who are victims of crimes.

A white pair of wings flits by softly
Passing valleys, streams and rivers wide
Resting on flower beds, bushes and trees lazily
In and out of beautiful petals it hides

A picture of serenity we behold
Of a white butterfly passing by
But something is about to happen
To wreck havoc in this peaceful world

A sound is heard in the distance
The only sound which breaks the silence
A fast-moving object whizzes through the air
As a small sharp bolt moves intently on its target

Then suddenly, the butterfly stops in midair
And falls to the ground slowly
It lies on the ground with wings outstretched
And a silent cry echoes through the woods.

Unexpectedly blood gushes out of its frail being
Leaving its white wings stained
Bloody crimson on pure white, a sharp contrast
A lifeless creature soon to be forgotten.

Soon after, a thunder resounds
And soft raindrops fall on the earth
Cleansing the earth, leaving it pure again
And hoping for a better future

Copyright ©2004

When I was younger, I wished to self publish a book of all my poems but as I grew older, I stopped writing because I had no inspiration or time. Perhaps I should continue writing and one day achieve my dream of writing my own book.

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