Bored as usual

Didnt really do anything these past 2 days. Slept a lot (as usual).

Oh yeah…i watched The Girl Next Door. Not bad movie….downloaded the DVD version so it wuz uncensored *wink*…hehe…it wuz quite nice tho….i didnt really expect the ending..but it wuz a lil bit funny.

Going out to Midvalley later by LRT so today should be interesting with window-shopping wif my sis. We always go around trying things & not buying them…ehehhe :P At least the shop keepers here are not so suspicious of you…like they let u try out stuff even tho eventually we dont buy…hehehe…

Oh well, Gladys (my sis) wants to use the comp so i Gtg~! Bubai..and see u all later.

oh yeah, i’ve been added as a guest blogger in “The Single Life” blog so I’m going to post something up there soon. Look out for it :)

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