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Bowling & Kodak promo

I went for bowling last nite at Mines. Yea…jauh kan? But I didnt drive..hihihihi! I just followed Afzal and his adik saudara. The three of us met up with the other chatters there. It was soooo fun! Its been ages since I last played bowling. Score was kinda lousy but I tak puas main because there was only time to play one frame.

Its surprisingly quite cheap there. The price of one game is RM4.50 + Rm2 for shoes on a weeknight. The balls and lanes are in good condition. The shoes are not too run down, just some little koyak here and there. Only bad thing is that its too blardi far for me.

Now i semangat wana go bowling. Now all i need to do is find kaki.


Kodak Express is having a promotion. You can print 100 digital photos in 4R for only RM23.90. Thats like 24 cents each. Bloody cheap. Offer ends 15 July.

*korek2 all her backup DVDs to look for photos to print*

Edit: Here’s where to find a store near you.


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