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"Breaking up" is hard to do

*looks at the clock* yea I’m up too early today. Morning world :*

Technically it isn’t a breakup which is why I mention it as a “break up” with all the inverted commas. Hehe! I was never officially together with B but it was progressing that way, we got closer and closer.

I thought perhaps he was the one guy who was serious about me. *sigh* The good things in my life , wait, let me rephrase. Its more like the good guys in my life don’t last long. Then again, maybe they weren’t “good guys” after all. I’ve been warned over and over that I trust people too easily.

Anyway, I’ve been debating on how to cut it off with him since December. I have some stuff over at his place. Every time I break it off with someone its usually over the phone – not because I want to, but circumstances forces me to do that. Usually its a fight over the phone then I say I want a breakup then never contact him or layan his “I made a mistake and now I want you back” calls.

So, I kinda chickened out. I never actually got to the point that I told him it’s off, but I sent my guy fren to pick up all my stuff. I lent him my other phone to use because his was spoilt and I don’t like it when I can’t contact someone. Now since I took it back, he has no means to contact me and I can’t contact him either. So I guess its like an assumption la :P

Evil kan?

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