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BSOD Blues

As you can see from my SMS updates, I had problems with my PC the other day. Some hardware was a bit loose. I had to open it up and press everything back in to ensure it was working properly. Then my internet decided to act up on me and it was down for a few hours.

I had some freelancing work to do. Its actually something like manual spamming where I had to leave comments on do-follow blogs using a name, email and URL that is given. RM80 for two days work of 250 comments. Sounds easy rite?

Not when you have a sukky internet connection that tends to die on you and suddenly get disconnected. And 2 days is not enough time to do all the comments.

So due to the aforementioned problem with my PC and internet, I overshot the deadline by an hour or so. I just sent it anyway. But the bugger in charged of it couldn’t even BOTHER to reply back and say that he didn’t accept it. Instead he’s just leaving it hanging so I emailed him again today saying:

Look, I know it overshot the deadline (coz I only sent it around 1am) but its was circumstances that were out of my control. It would be nice (and more professional) if you could just reply my email saying you won’t accept it.

I wonder if I’ll get a reply. I doubt tho.

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