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Busy weekend

This is going to be a quick update coz its going to be a busy weekend. Im currently trying to repair my clock coz I’ve been sleeping during the day and awake during the night. Currently I’ve been awake since 10pm. Hope to sleep early tonite. Big day tomorrow


  • [soon] Buy shoes for rehersal – need to get court shoes
  • [9.30pm] Free screening for X-Files Movie @ Cineleisure
  • [11.30pm] Meet with frens at Laundry for a little while

  • [11 am] Gown collection
  • [12-4pm] Rehersal for Graduation
  • [6.30pm] Gath @ Ayam Goleks
  • [9.00pm] LYN Drinking Gath @ Laundry (again)

  • [2pm] Registration
  • [3pm] Graduation Ceremony
  • [11.30pm] Gath Jiyde @ Keramat

And after that..pengsan tido. LOL! Told you I was busy

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