Uni Life

byk kerjaaaa!!! :P

Tension!!! *sambil geget lidah* (style incik amat). Got tons of work due this month. I got 2 final projects due within the next week one on the 24th and the other on the 28th. Got lots of C++ programming work due tomorrow (and i hvnt even started).

But in the midst of work, i got lotsa plans. This weekend got makan kat umah MamaBat ngan bebudak CS (except si delinn yg set us up :P)and tonite im going to watch Pygmalion with Farhan, NickyBoi, Laila & Eawin.

Oh yeah, was reading this post from a chat acquintance about bloggers and what they blog about. Cant say I agree with it. OK gtg coz NickyBoi is breathing down my neck asking me to quickly finish my post. He wants to go back (to membuat process penyahtinjaan) and im following him.

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