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My aunts love to gamble. They often make trips to Genting to have a go at the casinos there. Oh and dont get me started on Chinese New Year. When Chinese New Year comes around, the mahjong tables get pulled out, the desks of cards are taken from the desks and the games begin.

Im sure my aunt would love online casinos. All the top online casinos at your fingertips, no travelling anyway, everything is just a click away. The problem is that they are sooo many that its hard to choose from. Here’s where this website comes in handy.

This site lists down the top us online casinos by Payout Percent. Everyone wants to win their money back right? So we hv to choose the top casinos that give the highest payout percent. This site also lists down review, bonuses and ranking of the different casinos. And its all available in a user-friendly, easy to read format.

There are also links to other similar websites such as Online Poker room and Online sports book to support your gambling needs.

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