New Year, New Theme & A present!

Hello 2010!!

How was your new years dah-lings? I spent mine with close friends to laugh, eat, sleep, be merry and be satisfied in all aspects *sigh of pleasure and contentment*

Okay back to the topic,

I changed my blog template, yet again.  Yes i know, I just changed it like a couple of months back but there was something I didn’t like about it so here’s the new template. Hopefully to stay this time. LOL!

scarlett template

Oh yeah before I forget. Look to your right.

Under Sponsors there are 4 boxes. Those 4 boxes are supposed to be for 125×125 pixel ads. I want to give THREE (3) Advertising Spots to my blog readers for 4th Jan – 16 Jan

How to win? Just leave a comment and at midnight I will pick & email three random winners tomorrow morning :D Entry closes at midnight tonight.

Nak iklan free? TIGA (3) 125×125 pixel ad spot akan diberi percuma dari 4 Jan – 18 Jan. Tinggalkan komen utk menyertai. Tiga pemenang akan dipilih secara rawak (random) pagi 3 Jan.

Edit: Winners were chosen via Congrats!

Wishing everybody A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Tutorial : Use a WordPress blog to backup your Twitter tweets


Okay, first you will have to setup a new wordpress blog or you can use your existing one. In this tutorial, i set up a new wordpress blog at TwitterBackup to separate my tweets from my blog posts.

If you’re using a separate blog for your twitter posts first thing you need to do is go to the Settings > Discussion and Uncheck “Allow people to post comments on new articles”. This is so that people can’t comment on your posts.

FireShot capture #065 - 'Discussion Settings ‹ Twitter Backup — WordPress' - www_zestful_org_twitterbackup_wp-admin_options-discussion_php Continue reading