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    Artist Lineup for Arthur’s Day 2010 in Kuala Lumpur (Updated!)

    Its that time of the year again! When the chorus of “To Arthur!” will be heard on the streets. Last year 15,000 people rocked to the thumping, trademark tunes of multi-platinum band, the Black Eyed Peas. This year promises a pumped up, hip-hop, rock and R&B energized concert with back-to-back electrifying performances! Last Tuesday, 17 Aug, I was invited to a Media Launch (as a blogger) where the acts for Arthur’s Day 2010 was revealed! The event was held in @Live in Sunway Pyramid, a newly opened club. Took this pic of the goodie bag when i got home, they gave a glass and a keychain. Cute touch with the…

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    Youreka! with Bunkface, Malay Mail Relaunch Party & Sanctuary

    What a packed night I had on Wednesday. See the post title also so long. haha! First was the Yahoo! Youreka! Party at KL Live (formally where ruums club was). Its my first time in KL Live (or even ruums, for that matter). Its a really nice open space perfect for events with a huge hall with a stage. The VIP/Media area was at an upper deck. Best part about the VIP area is the finger food and of course free drinks! Woot! Martell and Beer, cheesesticks, salad, pasta, cakes, etc.

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    Busy weekend

    This is going to be a quick update coz its going to be a busy weekend. Im currently trying to repair my clock coz I’ve been sleeping during the day and awake during the night. Currently I’ve been awake since 10pm. Hope to sleep early tonite. Big day tomorrow Thursday [soon] Buy shoes for rehersal – need to get court shoes [9.30pm] Free screening for X-Files Movie @ Cineleisure [11.30pm] Meet with frens at Laundry for a little while Friday [11 am] Gown collection [12-4pm] Rehersal for Graduation [6.30pm] Gath @ Ayam Goleks [9.00pm] LYN Drinking Gath @ Laundry (again) Saturday [2pm] Registration [3pm] Graduation Ceremony [11.30pm] Gath Jiyde @…

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    Travelling and Centro Club

    Been a while since i wrote a proper post. Many things are going through my head and in my life now. Good things, not-so-good things, life changing things. Nothing life-threatening or dangerous tho. My trip to KK was a blast (will write about Mag’s wedding and our Manukan Island Getaway soon). It was a great way to get away from everything that was happening in KL. Someone was really surprised I was in KK (coz I didn’t tell lots of ppl that I was going) so much so that he remarked, “wah, jauhnye membawa diri?” to which I just laughed. But honestly, it was a great opportunity to spend time…

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    One Night at Laundry

    I went for a late dinner (around 10pm) for some good Arab food in Al-rawsha restaurant with Bobby (he used to always comment on my blog before) – a friend who I’ve not met for some time. Mixed grill and bread. Yums! Their portions seemed bigger than previous, so we were both oh so stuffed. We had a good time catching up. Lain kali buat lagi ek? Around 12.30am, on the way back, I texted Aree asking where she was and the girls were all hanging out in Laundry. So with my jeans, simple shirt and flats I headed down from Ampang to Laundry bar and illegally nicely parked my…