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    Batang Arang Power?

    The whole world is shaken today. I personally have received sms-es and emails regarding it. Congrats Obama for being the new US president. Its about time someone else stepped up. I hope you can make US a better place :) Anyway, I was laughing at my friend when he told me the news. Note that he’s dark coz he has some Indian blood mixed in him: H: obama is the new US president me: dah kuar final results meh? H: dah H: they just announce H: http://www.msn.com/ me: i saw the news this morning H: hehe H: Batang arang power … heheheh me: like urs? Haha H: maybe kot.. H:…

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    Ada dapat bunga?

    Conversation during lunch in Signatures, KLCC Kawan : Ada dapat bunga baru-baru ni? Me : Huh? Bunga? Kawan : Haah, bunga. Me : For what? Tak faham la *muka blur* Kawan : Alar bunga, dgn msg “Sorry for the Bangi incident” Me : What!?! Haha! Yea rite. Like’s he’s going to send flowers. Thx for the pasta unkel :P

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    The Deep Throat Experiment

    ** this post is 18SX, If you’re under 18, please skip to my other posts.** [spoiler]I was bored one afternoon. Then this thought suddenly crossed my mind “If the dick is so small that it doesnt reach the throat, is it still called deep throat?“ Well I hadn’t have enough sleep at that time so my brain was kinda rosak >.< Then i decided to disturb my guy frens by asking them that very question. And this was the results : Guy1: deep throat is when the dick touch the anak tekak Guy1: btw, if erect, mine is quite long. nobody complain so far me: oi! TOO MUCH INFO!!! Guy2:…