Recipe : Nando’s Peri Peri Sauce & Yogurt Roast Chicken


Nando’s have always been very  generous in inviting me to events and giving me bottles of Peri-Peri sauce. My favourite is Garlic as Hot is a bit too spicy for me. So, I thought to use some of the extra Hot Peri-Peri sauce to make a chicken marinade.

Well to be fair, this isn’t a recipe per say, just do everything based on your taste/preference and of course, depending on the amount of chicken you have. The yogurt here works a bit like a meat tenderizer so you get tender chicken meat – or so I like to think.

Firstly you need to defrost the raw chicken (if its frozen) and trim access fat. Any piece/cut would do but here I used chicken thighs, which is my favourite. Breasts would be a healthier option I think, just make sure to check it so its not over cooked (and dry).

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My tips on travelling to Osaka, Japan for Malaysians


I went to Osaka and Kyoto last year solo and so here are a few tips if you’re planning to travel to Japan, especially if you’re a Malaysian. I’m sure there are a million guides out there but here are my personal experience and tips on important information like visit visa, airline tickets, mobile internet, transport and tours.

Also there isnt a step-by-step pictorial for these tips because to be honest I wasn’t actually thinking of writing a post like this until after. Haha.

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DIY : Make your own phone case


So I’ve been using an iPhone 4 for the longest time, and part of the fun of having a popular phone is the abundance of cheap cases. I cleaned up my cupboard recently and tossed out cases that were broken or spoilt. I have some that were given my friends while others were bought.

(Quick promo of the case on the top left – it’s a high quality etched case by local cartoonist/blogger Jian of MiaoWafuPafu and he has various designs for iPhone 4/4s and Samsung S3/S4. Click on this link to check it out!)


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