Of books, snooker and a Guinness party

This month Im really really short of money. Not really sure what exactly I spent it on, but must be coz of all the outings this month. Cant wait for my “gaji” to masuk account so that I have something to live on, if not, hv to pinjam moneylah. Cant ask money from my parents due to very obvious reasons.

Anyway, last nite we came back quite late, around 5.30 am after lepaking in Devi’s Bangsar, until we kena halau. Had lots of laughs over our childhood memories of toys & TV shows particularly Sesame Street – Grouch, Snufflafagus (i think i spelled it wrong), Elmo, “the letter of the day is F…*starts singing*…F…F…F….F!!!”. Hilarious! Even more so when it’s dubbed into BM. Laughed about doing silly stuff with remote control cars, toy guns, a digital camera and an empty street. Also cooked up a new nickname for Nick.

This afternoon had lunch with Carmen and Nick at Uncle Lim’s, Ikano (P was supposed to come, but he tertido until evening). The 3 of us ate rm41.50 worth of food – 2 porridges, 1 nasi lemak, 2 half boiled eggs, 1 roti bakar, 1 otak-otak & 3 drinks. Then went to Borders, Nick bought his Linkin Park book about their Meteora world tour (did i get it right?). After dat went to Starbucks – didnt bring laptop coz my dad left it at the office – reading Icewind Dale Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore. The game Icewind Dale is based on this book. Its a really really thick book, didnt get to finish it.

Around 5-6pm P came along and lepak around there in starbucks before deciding to go to Arena to play snooker. I’ve never played snooker – am better at pool – so i gave it a try. So hard to adjust to a bigger table – i think i need lots and lots more practise. It was a fun game lah. Played for about an hour. The guys keep bullying me coz I was kinda blur (due to lack of sleep) and there was no Erin to bully this time. Then we went to Kpg Pandan for a late late late dinner/supper.

Come to think of it, I’ve been seeing Nick and P on a daily basis. Erin asked “dont you ever get bored of each other?” I dont think so. Its fun, sometimes nothing to do at home, so just keluar lepak la.

Guinness Code : Black the Rising

Date : 21 January 2006
Time : 8 pm
Venue : Zouk

Events & DJs
Awaken @ The Loft – Kenny K & Michelle Nunis

Discover @ Velvet Underground – Jungle Jerry, Gabriel, Rabbit, Stickman

Celebrate @ Zouk Mainroom – Nesh vs. Fuzz, MC Moots vs. MC James

I currently have 2 free passes to the party this saturday – got it coz i registered at the website. Erin & Pam in KK, Cass i think busy here and there. Lian? Laila? Who else wana go ahh?? Please contact me ASAP.

(if not then mayb I wont go, coz I’ll be alone)

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2005 : The past, the memories

I was hanging out with a couple of frens at a fren’s hse on new year’s eve and we had a great time talking and laughing about nasi lemak bungkus, the God complex and gambir Sarawak so many other things.

Anyway, one question that popped up was “what have you achieved in 2005 (besides work/studies)?” After i went back, i was thinking about how so many things has happened to me in the past year that made a significant change in my life.

So what have i actually achieved?

  1. A greater sense of maturity - mixing with older more matured people made me more aware of the complexity of life and learn from other ppl’s experiences
  2. More understanding of the opposite sex - This year I have been dabbling a lot in relationships (mostly with negative results) and my verdict : Its too complicated for me to take interest in it.
  3. Freedom - In late 2005, my parents finally gave up on me trust me enough for me to make my own decisions. They have given me alot of freedom, of which I am very grateful.
  4. A larger group of friends - I’ve learnt to change my mindset about people, prejudices and stereotypes by getting to know more types people that I usually would.
  5. The drive to do my best - Listening to people’s stories make me want to strive to do the best even if it seems impossible at this moment. I want to be successfull, not someone who will look down the road in 40 yrs time and say “Damn! why didnt I do better when I was younger?”
  6. Better Attitude - I’ve learnt to adopt a don’t-care attitude, especially when it comes to ‘what people think’. I realized that you cant change people’s mindset esp if they are some old, overly sensitive, mcm baik sgt makciks so just do your own thing and time will decide who is right.

It probably doesnt look like a lot of achievements to most people but everything mentioned is a big deal in my point of view. To some it might seem silly, nonsense or (God forbid!) insulting.

Come to think of it, 2005 has been an interesting year, full of funny incidents and anecdotes, but dotted with a few low points. Here’s a short summary:

Clubbin 5 nites a row in KK | Hooked up with 1st bf | Getting to know CS group | Getting involved in Yahoo! Chat | Seriously into Blogs & RBJ | Regularly clubbing | Regularly drinking | Breezing thru studies | Had a stalker | Fofular in KL1,KL2, Msia1 | Meeting chatters | Dating chatters | Took a break from clubbing | Attended gatherings | Involved in blogwar | Started my degree | Made lots of meaningful friendships | Breaking up | Made a vow not to date chatters | Broke a few friendships | Stopped chatting | Moved house | Learnt mamak-ing till dawn | Learnt to survive without internet | Re-read every fiction i own | Bought tons of new books | Bogged down with assignments | Made Starbucks my 2nd home | Started Clubbing again | Met 2nd bf | Went out almost every nite with the guys | Drinking more | Stuck to a close circle of friends | Breaking up | Got good results | Holiday with Family

Something I came across while digging old chat logs:

P: u are okay .. bubly …. straight open
P: hmmmm cool
P: patience .. somehow pening tenngok reactions orang lain .. apsal laa this world is somehow weird ..
P: apsal laa orang cannot be this and that
P: hahaha
P: knowledgeable …. experience … able to fit in the crowd …
P: hmmm
P: bab yang tak baik ..
P: time management .. selalu kantoi

Dear P,
U’ll be glad to know that one of my many resolutions is to improve on my time management :P

Blanket advertistment

The following advert was done by my hostel mates and I (we called ourself the Cibai Clan) back in 2003 when I was in Curtin. It was done one nite when we were super bored using a normal digital camera and Windows Movie Maker. Done by myself with input from the team.

Click here!

I linked the video instead because it was slowing down the load time of my blog so if u want to see it, pls click the link

Written memories

i actually wrote out a pretty good post…1 in fact but somehow i salah burn it into my CDRW so kenot open. So im stuck with a mediocre post :P.

Im in one utama – starbucks, drinking caffe mocha (hot) coz i hv a slight flu today. Nuttin much, check mail, sent emails, did the KLUE reader’s survey.

Just plain lepaking around.

Before that, at home, i unpacked 2 more boxes, and found old letters and cards, which brought back lots of nostalgic memories, especially a card from Grace before she left to Kuching….brought tears and laughter. I miss her so much :(

I have a tendency to keep most of the cards & letters i receive through snail mail because no email can beat the orginality and the charm of a handwritten letter or card

July already

In the blink of an eye, its already July. Im sick today,
sore throat and flu. Yesterday, I went karaoke-ing with some friends at around 4
pm then we had dinner at Road House before going to lepak till 2 sumthing at
Bora in Ampang.

On a sad note, my abang angkat in Miri had been promoted to
branch manager, meaning that he is going to be permanent there even tho he’s
based in KL previously. I was kinda hoping that he would be transferred back
here.. We used to hang around and talk about all sorts of things. And he was
very protective of me and caring. I miss him a lot.

My other abg angkat in KK has applied to work at the
Sarawak government (he’s Sarawakian too) so he might be moving to Kuching in
Sept. Depends on whether he’s accepted or not. My two best friends, Grace and
Lola, are there too. Grace is studying in UiTM and Lola is working in Miri.
Seems like everyone I hold dear is at/going to Sarawak.

I want to go back :(

My life on the internet.

I just realized that I have been blogging on blogger for the past 1 year and 36 days. From my first blog in xanga, to my next one (also in xanga), then on to blogger’s first post, I knew that blogging would be something i’d enjoy doing.

Not to mentioned that i’ve expended my presence on the web by joining Friendster, Myspace (whr i also mantain a blog which is less updated than this) and Muliply. And also uploaded photos in Fotopages, Flickr and Textamerica.

Anyway..looking back at my archives, i find a couple posts that are interesting…
here(trip to bangkok)…here(meeting old frens)…here(my wish list – still unfulfiled)…here(Sex in the city)…here(First time to Zouk)…here(2004 flashback)…and here.