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    i look familiar? you look famliar

    I was at my fren’s place a few weeks back juz lepaking. Then his housemate popped his head into the room and was terkejut to see a gal thr (apparently my fren doesnt get much female visitors….lol) and gave me this nice smile & nod. Cute!! :D Later when we were on the way to town, i asked my fren who his housemate was coz he looked familiar. Then he (my fren) said that he (that guy) mentioned that I looked familiar as well. Apparently he (that guy) is the member of this local band, Floppy Pop Flop Poppy. Hmm…i wonder where I’d seen him before…coz i obviously dont kno…

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    Of books, snooker and a Guinness party

    This month Im really really short of money. Not really sure what exactly I spent it on, but must be coz of all the outings this month. Cant wait for my “gaji” to masuk account so that I have something to live on, if not, hv to pinjam moneylah. Cant ask money from my parents due to very obvious reasons. Anyway, last nite we came back quite late, around 5.30 am after lepaking in Devi’s Bangsar, until we kena halau. Had lots of laughs over our childhood memories of toys & TV shows particularly Sesame Street – Grouch, Snufflafagus (i think i spelled it wrong), Elmo, “the letter of the…

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    2005 : The past, the memories

    I was hanging out with a couple of frens at a fren’s hse on new year’s eve and we had a great time talking and laughing about nasi lemak bungkus, the God complex and gambir Sarawak so many other things. Anyway, one question that popped up was “what have you achieved in 2005 (besides work/studies)?” After i went back, i was thinking about how so many things has happened to me in the past year that made a significant change in my life. So what have i actually achieved? A greater sense of maturity – mixing with older more matured people made me more aware of the complexity of life…

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    Blanket advertistment

    The following advert was done by my hostel mates and I (we called ourself the Cibai Clan) back in 2003 when I was in Curtin. It was done one nite when we were super bored using a normal digital camera and Windows Movie Maker. Done by myself with input from the team. Click here! *note* I linked the video instead because it was slowing down the load time of my blog so if u want to see it, pls click the link

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    Written memories

    i actually wrote out a pretty good post…1 in fact but somehow i salah burn it into my CDRW so kenot open. So im stuck with a mediocre post :P. Im in one utama – starbucks, drinking caffe mocha (hot) coz i hv a slight flu today. Nuttin much, check mail, sent emails, did the KLUE reader’s survey. Just plain lepaking around. Before that, at home, i unpacked 2 more boxes, and found old letters and cards, which brought back lots of nostalgic memories, especially a card from Grace before she left to Kuching….brought tears and laughter. I miss her so much :( I have a tendency to keep most…