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    My first day at work

    6.45am Nervous! Im getting ready for my first day at work. Am going to take a new unexplored but easier route. Omg! Nervous! Couldn’t sleep well last nite :/ Wish me luck! 10.30am I’ve settled in. Met most of the 40 or so staff members. Mostly Chinese here and some Malays – but they are mostly in the enforcing department (they have a hamster tank in their office. lol!) There’s some construction going on. The fumes are making me feel high and pening a bit. Im still a bit shy tho *blush* 12.26 pm I managed to track my movement on Google Maps. Tolls : # NKVE (Kota Dsara –…

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    Halloween Costumes

    Halloween has just passed a few days ago. My friends who are overseas were saying that people were walking in the streets in costume. I think its a really fun thing to be able to do that. Over here, we don’t really celebrate Halloween but most clubs and bars are in full swing with various types of Halloween parties. I personally went to check out Quattro in Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur’s newest hot spot, and the place was packed to the brim. There were a few people wearing common but sexy costumes – like a skin tight glittery short red dress and devil’s horns, and pointy witches hats which kind…

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    Ralph Lauren Notorious in KLCC

    Have you guys dropped by KLCC lately? Ralph Lauren was promoting their newest fragrance since last week with a really nice display. It looks like a Black and White scene of Paris or other European countries with an antique car and also part of a “bridge” that’s jutting out. Not to mention they also had those street lamps which gave a whole ‘sidewalk Parisian cafe’ look. Oh and the fragrance? I didn’t try to smell it, but it smells really nice when u pass by :)

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    New Sunglasses

    Now that I drive daily from Damansara to KLCC, I find that I really need to get a good pair of sunglasses. Previously, I drove mostly at night – late night yumcha sessions or clubbing nights out with the girls – so I didn’t really need it. I have one currently but its a bit scratched so its not all the comfortable to use. I’ve read that for my kind of face (the chubby rounded type), I should use square-ish sunglasses. That means none of that huge round aviators (I don’t really like em anyway) because it will make your face look rounder. I personally have a thing for wraparounds…

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    Online Shopping

    Lately I’ve got some people asking me about how I do my online shopping. Well there are three ways I generally do it: 1) Buy from auction sites such as eBay or Lelong 2) Buy from forums like Lowyat.net or MalaysianBabes.com 3) Buy from websites overseas I notice there is still that worry among the ppl about getting cheated. Something like “how if I pay and I never get the item?” Well ladies and gents, there are certain policies that ensure you will have a safe and secure transaction. For eBay there’s a point system and for forums there’s a tradelist of some sort to show the previous transactions. Personally…