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    My Graduation Day

    The big day is here! After a few calls and sms-es to make sure that I really am graduating and after one day of rehearsals, its finally D-Day. This post will be picture heavy. After a night of clubbing with my new found friends at Laundry Bar & Mystique (and had way too much to drink), it was hard to get up to go to campus at 11am. Had to register then go and lepak with my classmates – some were taking photos and all that.

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    Mag’s Wedding – Preparation

    We woke up so early on the morning of the wedding. Started to get ready around 5.30am. Jofanna and George from Jofanna Bridal was early to do the hair/makeup (and photos). Then soon after Benny (BennyLiew.com) came to take photos of the preparation. Lets let the pictures tell the story aite? The dress and shoes. I love the dress! The picture Benny took of Mag & I The picture that I took the same time Benny took the pic above From left: Megan, Mag, Jofanna, George (Jofanna’s husband) & Benny sitting Mag’s hair is so nice kan? Mag & her bridesmaids The carriage that will be taking us to the…

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    One Night at Laundry

    I went for a late dinner (around 10pm) for some good Arab food in Al-rawsha restaurant with Bobby (he used to always comment on my blog before) – a friend who I’ve not met for some time. Mixed grill and bread. Yums! Their portions seemed bigger than previous, so we were both oh so stuffed. We had a good time catching up. Lain kali buat lagi ek? Around 12.30am, on the way back, I texted Aree asking where she was and the girls were all hanging out in Laundry. So with my jeans, simple shirt and flats I headed down from Ampang to Laundry bar and illegally nicely parked my…

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    Out with the girls

    I finally quit my moping around at home and went out on Wednesday. First was tea with a guy friend with whom I’ve been postponing meeting coz of time constraints. Then I met up with Pam, Aree, Jazzy, Ayman & Taufan at Empress Cafe, Curve. I had a bottle of shisha. Wee~ shisha makes me happy :P Then lepaked and chit-chatted with Pam and her friends at Idaman till around 2am plus. On Thursday we woke up and Aree came over and we had lunch at this nice place in KJ that serves N9 food. Sedap (no pics tho coz we were starving and instantly attacked the food). Then we…

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    Haitus for Finals

    Sorry for the lack of updates people, but I have about a week or so to complete all my projects for my final. So the blog (and my social life) would have to be put aside for a bit. Not to mention that I’m having my period (which makes me feel like I want to sleep all day) and killer cramps. So yea, frends, dont take it the wrong way when I dont respond or can’t join you guys going out. I will be back in roughly 2 weeks. I will cari u guys then. Promise! Oh yea, my sister has this really cute ‘Shrek’ headband and I just had…