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    Win 50+ prizes by nominating your favourite female brands for worthy book

    We all have out favourite restaurants, hotels, lepak places, etc but one that is always important for every woman is her favourite female-centric brand – be it her holy grail of products or her sanctuary to pamper herself. Well Worthy Book (you know, that booklet of coupons that I blogged about 2 years ago – the one that gives you great savings all year around without having to wait for group buying sites) now has this super easy contest to win free stuff!

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    TGV Club (Sunway) – A premier movie experience

    The TGV Club is a new premier concept movie theater which just opened in TGV Sunway Pyramid offering a special experience from moviegoers. TGV graciously invited members of the media and social media influencers to experience this new offering/product that they had. We started off in the outside area near the Cantina for a selection of reds and whites, mostly from Australia (and sponsored by GAB I believe). Then it was a walk into the Lounge with a display of their SUPER YUMMY Popcorn Royale.   (photos from TGV Facebook page. My phone was running out of batt so didn’t take photos) As you can see the lounge is pretty…

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    Hotmail’s new look–15 years and going strong

    If you’re like me, Hotmail was the first real email address you had. It was the coolest thing to see your nickname and getting really excited if and when someone emailed you. Hotmail launched in 1995 and was one of the first free email service. Over the years, unfortunately, Hotmail started to lose its luster, especially with a whole lot of new free email providers cropping up like mushroom. Hotmail with its clunky design and lack of features (2MB space only!) got left behind. From left : (i) The small crowd of techies & bloggers (ii) Unsubscribing from a newsletter with a dropdown menu within Hotmail. Fast forward to 2011…

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    Malaya Optical, Uptown Damansara

    I got invited to a blogger event organized by PlusSizeKitten & hosted by Malaya Optical in Uptown Damansara. We were all allowed to bring a couple of friends but my friends weren’t free / was lazy to go so I went alone. Malaya Optical is a brightly light store with rows upon rows of eyewear ranging from specs frames to sunglasses. Its on the same row as Uptown 37 (where there’s Starbucks, Umai-Ya & HSBC) and before the Satay Haji Samuri. Left: The hard working people at Malaya Optical. Right : Tammy welcoming everyone and giving away the prize for best FB post/comment/slogan There were a lot of people in…

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    LifeCode Anti-Aging Review

    A few bloggers were selected to join Miu of PlusizeKitten for the Venus 0.8 Project on LifeCode Anti-Aging International Berhad. The people at LifeCode specifically opened the area for us on a weekend to accommodate us. The lobby is a comfortable sitting area with lots of seats and little tables. This leads to the treatment rooms and also the spa area. Life Code has a spa under the same company called The Asia Spa, which is an award winning spa. Top left picture is the ingredients used in the spa treatments – ground ginger and the like. The special function of this spa is that each room has a pair…