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    Clarins Power to Try Workshop

    First of all, thanks so much to Clarins and Miu of Plusizekitten for organizing this workshop. It was held at Amoda near Bukit Bintang. Well I misread the map that Miu posted, thinking that the red building is Amoda but apparently its the other side. So I was a bit late. Heh, sorry! *pics are all courtesy of Miu. I didn’t bring a camera. Yea i know, what kinda blogger doesn’t bring a camera for events right? But my camera batt died on me :(* Clarins headquarters is very inviting and so fresh. I really like how they took care of all the participants and even providing refreshments – chocolates,…

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    Texas Hold ’em

    On facebook, most of my friends are playing Texas Hold ‘Em. Its a type of poker game commonly played in casinos. I personally have no idea how the game goes, but according to wikipedia, “is a community card game where each player may use any combination of the five community cards and the player’s own two hole cards to make a poker hand, in contrast to poker variants like stud or draw where each player holds a separate individual hand." You can also play it online where you can get benefits like PokerStars Bonus. These Poker Star Bonus Codes allows you to receive 100% of your initial deposit up to…

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    Is Debt Consolidation a good idea?

    Debt consolidation (according to wikipedia) is taking out one loan to pay off many others. This is so that you can secure a lower interest rate, secure a fixed interest rate or for the convenience of servicing only one loan. I had a guy friend who was doing that. When he explained it to me, I didn’t get it at first. He said he took one loan to pay off his study loan, credit card debt and I think some smaller debts. Then when I think about it, isn’t it better to just focus on one loan? You can then settle all your debts (and avoid high interest rates) and…

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    House Hunting

    I always have this dream of owning my own house. As of now, being young and all, I would love a service apartment. Like Taufan’s place in Damansara Perdana, the moment you walk in, the kitchen is on the left and the tv/living area is right in front. Then the bedroom and toiletis on the left towards the back. Simple living and easy to clean also :D But after I get married and (hopefully) have lots of kids, I would love to have my own house with a huge compound so that I can have a cute loyal dog like dear old Duchess back in Miri. But did you know…

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    Are Greeting Cards dead?

    I was cleaning some of the boxes at the bottom of my cupboard the other day. There are two boxes which most probably haven’t opened since moving from Miri way back in 2004 so its mostly stuff, presents, knickknacks which I accumulated when I was in Curtin. Surprisingly, I found a huge envelop full of greeting cards – mostly Christmas and birthday cards given to me by my friends. Nowadays people just send online greeting cards which are common and boring. We should start reviving the practice of sending cards through snail mail because nothing beats receiving a real card with a personalized handwritten message inside.