Travelling and Centro Club

Been a while since i wrote a proper post. Many things are going through my head and in my life now. Good things, not-so-good things, life changing things. Nothing life-threatening or dangerous tho.

My trip to KK was a blast (will write about Mag’s wedding and our Manukan Island Getaway soon). It was a great way to get away from everything that was happening in KL. Someone was really surprised I was in KK (coz I didn’t tell lots of ppl that I was going) so much so that he remarked, “wah, jauhnye membawa diri?” to which I just laughed. But honestly, it was a great opportunity to spend time with old friends like Mag, Tim, Derek and Rach and also meet new ones like Megan & Benny. Should have stayed there longer but finances did not permit it.

Came back on a Friday evening to KL. Rested the whole of Saturday then went to Kuala Kangsar for Puteri’s and Poker’s.opps..Aznin’s kenduri. I slept most of the way there and coming back. It was a really nice and simple wedding. Its the first time I was early to a kenduri. LOL! (Note to self : NEVER let Afdzal drive long distance if I’m chipping in for the fuel. He drives really really fast and the petrol also finishes really really fast. I think we spent more than rm50 on fuel alone)

I *might* be taking a 2nd degree. Umm.studies aren’t looking too good now. Don’t want to talk about it :(

On another note, I went to Centro (its this club in KL Central) last nite with my two of my classmates and friends. A girls night out with lots of dancing, sweating and drinking.  After that we lepaked at Pelita Bangsar – which at first I tot was Pelita at Jln Ampang then had to pusing back to Bangsar.

My review on Centro (since its my first time there). The area is pretty big with a big platform as the dancefloor. The bar was right in the middle so not much pushing and shoving to get your drinks. The price of the drinks was also not that bad : 1 glass Black Label + ginger ale (was very happy they had ginger ale – weirdly some clubs don’t) = RM 25.30 and 2 tequila shots = RM18 each. The DJ was not bad – R&B songs most of the night then house/techno music after 2am or so. Parking is also really convinient (a big plus!) and only RM4. Sorry, no pics this time. Too lazy to take photos plus my feet were killing me.

Have a great weekend ahead people!

Kota Kinabalu Trip – Day 2

Sunday – 6 July

I got Derek to pick me up and we went to church (Yea yea, so I went to church even tho I never go here in KL) then went for lunch with Uncle Yapp and friends.

One thing that I have been craving to eat/drink in Kota Kinabalu is Yoyo. Its this milky tea (zhen zhu nai cha) with those sago ‘pearls’. KL has it but its not nice. So Derek brought me to Yoyo in Lintas and I also gave Rachel a ring to meet up as well. We wanted to drag Garret along but he was sleeping and didn’t pick up the phone.

Doesn’t Derek look like a cute adorable kid? Rach has this weird expression tho

We sent Derek’s car back home and Rach drove us to Tanjung Aru Beach. They renovated the place since I last came to KK. Its much much nicer and properly developed now. It was oh so very hot as well.

Relaxing in the park. Gorgeous beach ey?

We had a rather early dinner at 6-7pm at Little Italy. Omg! I SOOOO love the sandwhich they have here. This is the only place to get it. Their pizzas are really nice as well. Full review here in my Zestful Eats blog.

After dinner, Rachel sent me back to Mag’s place where I found them arranging the seating arrangements. Slept early because the next day will be a busy day – the day before the wedding!

KK Trip Photos (Facebook) —> Here
Part 1 –> Here

My Kota Kinabalu Trip – Day 1

Day 1 – 5th July

I arrived safely in Kota Kinabalu around noon-ish and was picked up by Tim. Oh, before that, when I was on the way to LCCT, Mag gave me ring and said,

“Fi! I have a disease!”

Then I replied, “Huh?!? Chickenpox?!?”

“No.I have dengue.”


Apparently she contracted dengue from her officemate and was feeling feverish for a few days before finally doing a bloodtest and was confirmed dengue. Her body was full of rashes and she was just getting better from her fever. Poor girl!

Anyway, Tim picked me up from the airport and we went to the house, rested for a bit then went out to La Meridien for some lucky draw thingy for all the people who signed up for their bridal package. There was some free eats too :P

So nice yea the sample decoration for the wedding dinner later? The couple won dinner for two at Le Meridien. Grand prize was a flight to Phuket and accommodation at Le Meridien Phuket.

Came back and I took a nap then woke up for dinner, socialized with the family then went back to bed.

KK Trip Photos (Facebook) —> Here
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First Day in KK

  • Arrived safely in Terminal 2, Kota Kinabalu around noon. I had this splitting pain above my left eyebrow when we were landing. Almost had tears in my eyes. It was that painful. I usually never experience that. Must be the lack of sleep.
  • Tim picked me up and we went to Mag’s place, chit chatted for a while before going out to Le Meridian, Kota Kinabalu because there was this lucky draw for ppl who were getting married there. There was also snacks and previews of the food
  • Came back took a nap and then woke up, had dinner, chit chatted with the relatives and then now sitting in front of the pc checking my mail and blogging.
  • Going to bed soon, going to my old church tomorrow. I got Derek to pick me up :P

Quick Update – 2 July

  • I postponed my flight to Kota Kinabalu from today to this Saturday (5 July)
  • Presentation 2 weeks ago sucked
  • Went to Laundry Bar, Curve again last Saturday – upcoming post if I’m rajin lazy
  • Still haven’t watched that new movie Wanted. Friends cancelled plans THREE times (!!!)
  • Need to finish my final project documentation today to get it all nicely binded to pass up on Friday
  • Met up with a fren that I’ve known for 2 yrs but never met. Lepaked at mamak till 6am – I miss those long conversations at mamak stalls
  • Went to my tailor yesterday to see the dress I made for Mag’s wedding (I’m the bridesmaid) and its GORGEOUS!! Needs more alterations so will get it tomorrow. – pics here
  • I bought new shoes yesterday at Vincci Ikano
  • Got my fren’s invitation to her wedding
  • Note to self: finish some of the half written drafts to post while I’m in KK
  • OMG! Can’t wait to get to KK!

I’m cranky and irritable

Yes, what’s new. Especially now that I’ve got tons of work to do. I’m feeling cranky and irritable.

I’m home alone for four days, from yesterday till Saturday. My family went to Jakarta. They’re having a ball of a time over there. The reason I couldn’t go was because I have a deadline this Friday. Its actually a good thing I didn’t go coz I had to go and pick up my exam slip this week.

So yesterday I sent them off at KLIA then dropped by Cyberjaya then went back to Kota Dsara, then he called and asked if we could meet up so I shot off straight to his place (a 40 min drive), went for dinner there. Then I got a call from Aree asking us to play Catan so we went home, took a shower then wen to her place and ended up going home at 2.30am.

Woke up so early this morning to send him off then cleaned up the house – washed all the dishes (the family left with a pile of dishes for me to clean), washed all my clothes and the clothes that’s been left soaking (also left for me to settle), and cleaned my toilet which has been dirty for some time. LOL

*He* tak jadi to come back this evening. He wanted to go back home to rest and do laundry. Like he can’t do it at my house la? Perhaps I’m too much of a distraction? Well, it would hv been nice to tell me earlier like this morning so that I won’t be hoping as much and feeling cranky now.

Oh, and to make matters worst, it rained again this evening while I was sleeping so all my clothes are wet. And it happened also YESTERDAY. Dammit!

p/s: I might not be contactable until Friday because I got lots of work to catch up with so when I do sleep, it will be at weird hours and my phone will be on silent.

p.s.s : Can I say that I’m absolutely so jealous my family is in Jakarta? They’re staying in a 2 bedroom service aprtment in one of the most expensive hotels there – The Ritz Carlton (company’s paying for it coz my dad has a meeting/conf there).