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    My Graduation Day

    The big day is here! After a few calls and sms-es to make sure that I really am graduating and after one day of rehearsals, its finally D-Day. This post will be picture heavy. After a night of clubbing with my new found friends at Laundry Bar & Mystique (and had way too much to drink), it was hard to get up to go to campus at 11am. Had to register then go and lepak with my classmates – some were taking photos and all that.

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    Tips for Final Year Project

    I think one of the hardest things for a final year student is their final year project. One must find a final year project that is nice yet not too hard to do. It must also be something that is unique and different from your fellow classmates and/or seniors. Choose a FYP that is suitable. Then comes the of writing the proposal and hoping that your lecturers agree with you doing that particular project. Once it’s approved, the real work begins. First, make sure u plan out the timeline of your project. This is very imporant so that you know what should be done in a particular time. Secondly, do…

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    Yes! I graduated

    Yes! I finally graduated. Only got home around 8.30pm then at 11.30pm went to meet Jiyde for drinks. Plus I’m sick with a terrible sorethroat that changes my voice to an utterly “sexy” and bapuk-sounding voice. LOL! More about my graduation later :D Oh yes, special thanks to Pam &  Fariz who texted me congradulating me on my graduation :D thanks also for all the msgs on my blog/YM/MSN/Facebook

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    Busy weekend

    This is going to be a quick update coz its going to be a busy weekend. Im currently trying to repair my clock coz I’ve been sleeping during the day and awake during the night. Currently I’ve been awake since 10pm. Hope to sleep early tonite. Big day tomorrow Thursday [soon] Buy shoes for rehersal – need to get court shoes [9.30pm] Free screening for X-Files Movie @ Cineleisure [11.30pm] Meet with frens at Laundry for a little while Friday [11 am] Gown collection [12-4pm] Rehersal for Graduation [6.30pm] Gath @ Ayam Goleks [9.00pm] LYN Drinking Gath @ Laundry (again) Saturday [2pm] Registration [3pm] Graduation Ceremony [11.30pm] Gath Jiyde @…

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    I never thought…

    I’d see the words “Dear Graduate” on a piece of paper addressed to me. So much so that I called twice this morning to make sure. Yes, pls send all flowers/chocolates and money to my address or banking account on Friday or Saturday. Hihi!