What’s In My Makeup Bag

I like these meme things where you get to see the contents of people’s bags – handbags or makeup bags. It shares a glimpse of that person’s life. I’m not sure what my makeup bag says about mine, but here goes.

When taking pics for this post, I realized that I bring more than one makeup “bag”. In fact, I have three different items. Due to it’s size, I cant put it all in one pouch as my pouch is rather small. As below, I have (from left), a makeup pouch, a Stila Special Issue Love Your Look No 2. Palette & a lipstick pouch.

Whats in my makeup bag 1

The Stila Special Issue Love Your Look No 2. Palette (below) is actually a pretty old palette I think. I got it for really cheap during a sale (can’t remember how much). It consists of 3 eyeshadows in Lame (top left), Oasis (top right) and Coin (bottom right) & a cheek color in Tint (bottom left).

Whats in my makeup bag 2

In the lipstick pouch I have a Nivea Fruity Shine in Pomegranate. I think I bought this from Singapore because I’m pretty sure you can’t get the Pomegranate one here. Not so sure why. I also have an elf (eyeslipsface) lipstick from their Studio line in Barely Bitten. I also have a short eyeliner pencil with a missing cap.

Sometimes, if I’m too lazy to carry my whole arsenal of makeup out, I just take the lipstick pouch. The lipstick can double up as a cheek colour (as long as you apply it with clean fingers).

Whats in my makeup bag 3

The makeup pouch was given to me by April. She bought it during one of her trips to Bangkok. I like it as it’s made of plasticy material and is waterproof. Top left is Body Shop’s Pressed Face Powder (No 04), then from left is SilkyGirl Double Intense Mascara, elf mineral eyeliner, Daiso eyeliner coat – because that elf eyeliner smudges like crazy, Clinique Vitamin C Lip Smoothie in Berry Boost, Mehtolatum Lipice lip balm in Mandarin Orange (minty! I like), NYX Rouge Cream Blush in CB 05 Glow, Guardian Dental Floss in Mint (I like its cute size), Panadol, Eyedrops, Menthol inhaler and Ventolin Evohaler.

So yea, that’s about it. Sounds like a lot now that I list it out. haha. As you can see, a lot of my makeup are drugstore brands, with the exception of one or two. I personally like brands like NYX and ELF which are cheap but good quality, the only problem is that it’s a bit difficult to get over here in Malaysia. I also have mild asthma and the tendency to get sick so I bring around some meds just in case.

So, now I’m curious: What’s in your makeup bag?

Anya Hindmarch Autumn Winter Collection 2010


I got invited to Anya Hindmarch Tea Party by April who got it from Erin. Headed down to KLCC Sat Morning after waking up late because I didn’t set my alarm. Hehe sorry April!

Got there around 12.30pm (awesomely got from Damansara to KLCC in less than 30 mins) was greeted by friendly Sales Assistants at Anya Hindmarch KLCC. Was greeted by this awesome display of cakes and desserts below.

Red velvet cakes, dainty fruit tarts, truffle and macarons, all were gorgeously presented in such a pretty way (note the flowers at the back). I was so amazed at how they managed to fit 4 tables & chairs, the middle table for the food and a side table for drinks – coffee, tea and sparkling white wine (I believe).

And in the midst of all this, we were treated to a preview of the 2010 Autumn Winter Collection. Rows and rows of bags along all the walls tempting in their unique yet classic designs and colours.

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Life Code Anti-Aging

I heard about this in Tammy’s blog a few days ago – actually she’s been talking about this project for a few weeks now, even before I went to Perth.

At first I thought its a typical spa with massages and steam room, so I checked out their website http://www.lifecode-antiaging.com/

Here’s an excerpt of what they believe in

Life Code Anti-aging is enthusiastic in delivering Safe, Effective, Rapid, Natural products to our customers. Our products range from skin care, cosmetics, to anti- aging cellular supplement. With highly trained management and staffs to provide reliable and professional service, Life Code Anti- aging is marked a world class anti-aging platform which has helped thousands of people in the world to reverse aging within 3 to 15 minutes.

They have four core products, which are:

  • BioTRA™ Skin Care Series – creams and gels which promise less lines and facelifts in 3-15 minutes. Yes! That fast
  • Cell Regenerative Series – an any aging cellular supplement based on complex royal jelly and other special ingredients
  • Organic Makeup Series – makeup and skincare in one, such as anti wrinkle lipstick and lifting eye shadow
  • Miracle S.T. House – This is a treatment for whitening, detox, anti-aging and slimming all in one.


I was actually quite interesting in the Miracle ST (Super Tourmaline) Rejuvenation Therapy. It uses chinese herbs essential mist, quantum skin activators, micro elements water and gemstone treatments.

How does this work?

  1. The precious gemstones release far infrared and negative ions
  2. Quantum Skin Activators will boost immediate whitening and skin rejuvenation
  3. Essential Herbal Mist Complex for its detoxifying, anti-cancerous and slimming properties
  4. Micro-elements water to avert free radials and prevent cell oxidation

All these combined will give you lighter skin by two degrees in 30 minutes Guarenteed! I gotta try this one!

Also, if you see their website, they have a lot of certifications and quality control such as USA FDA, European EEC, Halal certification and many more. So its very safe for everyone.

Maybe you can go and try it out and tell me your experience? :D

My first pair of Crocs – Cabana

Woot! Just bought my first pair of Crocs. No, not those cheese hole slippers, but the Cabana. I first saw it online and I’ve been looking for it in Crocs 1 Utama and IOI Mall but somehow they didn’t have this model. I finally saw it at Parkson 1 Utama :D and grabbed a pair today.

The CrocsT Cabana, combining the comfort of our Wake flip flop and the style of our wedges. The Cabana is the perfect wedge sandal, with ridged footbeds for comfort and a satin coated PU strap for a comfortable fit. If you are looking for a unique sandal, the Cabana wedge is the perfect fit.

.innovative crocs wedge inspired by a traditional summer thong
.wedge is sculpted for a sleeker overall look
.footbed has flex inspired cushioning for exaggerated comfort
.thong upper is made up in satin coated PU
.fun color pop at toe post
.approximate heel height is 3 inches

Its super comfy tho kinda pricy. Oh well, lets hope that this doesn’t putus as easily as my other slippers/sandals.

Clarins Power to Try Workshop

First of all, thanks so much to Clarins and Miu of Plusizekitten for organizing this workshop. It was held at Amoda near Bukit Bintang. Well I misread the map that Miu posted, thinking that the red building is Amoda but apparently its the other side. So I was a bit late. Heh, sorry!

*pics are all courtesy of Miu. I didn’t bring a camera. Yea i know, what kinda blogger doesn’t bring a camera for events right? But my camera batt died on me :(*

Clarins headquarters is very inviting and so fresh. I really like how they took care of all the participants and even providing refreshments – chocolates, chrysanthemum tea, fruit tarts, tuna croissants, etc.

The workshop area is also very nice, slightly bigger would be better so that we can mingle around comfortably. Ample mirrors and product was provided to everyone. Some people came really prepared with no makeup and even hairbands to tie back their hair. Well it was my first time at a skincare workshop.


This was the box of products available for our use. First I used the Gentle Eye makeup remover to remove my makeup. Then I used the Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs (for Normal/Dry Skin). Did you know there’s a proper way to wash your face? And that is from the middle of your forehead and ur nose outwards to your cheeks and chin. Clarins also taught us how to use our palms to create a ‘suction’ affect to help draw out the impurities.

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