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    Google Analytics Master Class (GAMC) Kuala Lumpur + Slides

    The good people over in Google SEA decided to hold the first (I think) Google Analytics Master Class in KL last weekend. It was held in Hilton Hotel KL and the best part, it was FREE! All you had to do was register yourself and they will email you if you got the invites. I bet they didn’t expect the overwhelming response though. The GAMC consists of a couple of speakers who gave short 10 minutes (or so) talks. Some were from Google, explaining the features in GA and other related tools. Others were from various businesses that utilizes GA in their business.

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    CNY Aftermath

    I had a really long 10 days of Chinese New Year holidays. The office was closed for a week during CNY and because its a public holiday on 2nd (Monday) is a public holiday in lieu of the Federal Territory day on Sunday, I only came to the office yesterday. Ten glorious days of utter relaxation – lepaking in mamaks till 4am in the morning, waking up at 2pm everyday. We had a CNY dinner with my cousins families. I have around 3 cousins who are staying in Selangor so they brought along their spouse & kids. In total there were 5 little nieces and nephews running round and round.…

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    Working life so far

    Working life so far has been rather interesting. It takes me around 1 hr to get there and 1.5-2 hours to get back (depending on what time i leave the office). Lots of people say the best part about working is that you get your own income. Well yea, but with an income comes more responsibility – especially if u’re the eldest. So the parents and I sat down the other day and kira-kira. I offered to pay the loan for my car in exchange for them paying for my student loan. Actually both is roughly the same total amount but I preferred to pay for the car Here’s the…

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    My first day at work

    6.45am Nervous! Im getting ready for my first day at work. Am going to take a new unexplored but easier route. Omg! Nervous! Couldn’t sleep well last nite :/ Wish me luck! 10.30am I’ve settled in. Met most of the 40 or so staff members. Mostly Chinese here and some Malays – but they are mostly in the enforcing department (they have a hamster tank in their office. lol!) There’s some construction going on. The fumes are making me feel high and pening a bit. Im still a bit shy tho *blush* 12.26 pm I managed to track my movement on Google Maps. Tolls : # NKVE (Kota Dsara –…

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    Woot~ its the weekend

    Lately I’ve been: Spamming around in LYN forum. So much so that someone said that “I see ur name everywhere there”. Haha! Finished watching and downloading True Blood. Season 1 just ended. Awesome series Constantly visting Monster.com.my, JobStree and JobsDB. Any other job search sites to recommend? Just watched Quarentine – movie review coming up soon (if I dont get too lazy) Am also currently doing this: Yea, am finally building up my portfolio. The site’s not ready yet of course. I have yet to put my flash stuff on there. I’ve also been busy working on some freelancing work – which I completed last week and should be getting…