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Cemetary Trip

[Time] sometime after 3-4 am
[Date] a Saturday early 2004
[Venue] Miri, Sarawak

Now that I recall, it was a really dark night, no moon and not a star in the sky. My friends and I were about to go back after a night of fun, clubbing, dancing and drinking. The club was the heart of town about 30 mins from our campus.

There was 5 of us in the car. K (the extremely cute driver) from brunei, C (an exchange student from Aussie) in the front passenger seat, B (also from brunei) sitting in the middle of the back seat with L (my best fren) on his right and myself on his left.

A note on B, he’s what some people call gifted, special or can sense. He said its passed down from his ancestors. He can sense and sometimes even see and here things. And ‘things’ have a tendency to disturb him, switching his house lights on and off, staying in his toilet – but they never cause him hurt, just a little inconvenience

There was two ways to go back to our campus from town. One is through the main road which goes through 2 roundabout and another is the back way which passes though some shoplots. We were deciding which road to take when someone – i forgot who – said “lets go through the other way.” L & I looked at each other – we (even tho we are Sarawakians) have never dared go through this road after dark.

This other way passes through 2 cemeteries – which are on both sides of the road. First a Malay one, with a rusty looking iron fence surrounding it with a few trees of bunga kemboja – those white flowers with a yellow center – and lots of batu nesan scattered, some wrapped with white cloth. Next a Chinese one, with elaborate tombstones, big and small. Imagine a dark still night, with hardly any light, except for dim roadlights and the car’s headlights.

We were just having small talk while going through that road. C was drunk in the front, K was quietly driving when suddenly B said “K, drive faster“, “alar, why are you so scared?” K replied. B snapped back in a calm yet insistent way “Cepat skit K, ada benda ikut. Cepat.” Even before he said that I had already had this eerie feeling and I think L did to. K stepped on the gas and I grabbed B’s arm and closed my eyes, silently praying in my heart.

We didn’t dare speak until we were way out of town and K asked “ada lagi?“, and B bit his lip and nodded his head “uhuh” in a rather worried and scared way. We got to B’s house (he rented a house offcampus) and I could still see the scared look on his face. “Wash ur hands and your feet the moment u get inside” he said, in a monotone. He went in and switched on a CD of some quran reading (i think). And only then he relaxed. And we never talked about it again.

Thats my closest experience about things in the “other side”.

Phew, my first story. Its a true story, also publish in the Night Crossings blog (http://nightcrossings.blogspot.com)
I’d better mention it before anyone screams “repost!!”.



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