Changing eating habits

I talked a bit about changing my life – especially my eating habits – in the previous post. Thought I’d update people about this “sort of” diet I’m doing. I call it sort of because I want it to be less rigid so much so that it’ll feel like a chore.

But basically this is what I’ve been eating the past week or so :

  • Breakfast
    • 1 slice of wholemeal bread – I usually eat whatever’s at home but my mom likes to buy Gardenia’s Sommerset Cottage with 12 multigrains and seeds
    • 1 cup/small carton low fat milk
  • Lunch
    • 1/4 rice (as in 1/4 from usual portion)
    • 1 portion chicken or fish. If its fried chicken, i dont eat the skin. Also avoid things like masak lemak and stuff
    • 2 portions vege
  • Dinner
    • Veges and fruits – this means Salad. I find this the most difficult because I stay up late so sometimes for supper I have a slice of bread.
  • Others 
    Im supposed to stop drinking but as I find that difficult, I’ve resorted to making changes in other places.
    • All my coffee/tea drinks in the office is sugarless. That means black coffee – lucky mine is the drip method so its quite nice even w/o sugar
    • Walking up the stairs at the office – usually 2 flights, perhaps will add more later
    • No snacking in the office – no chips, no chocs, no biscuits – even though im surrounded by it
    • If im not hungry, i dont eat lunch but make it up at dinner.

Someone told me that this is perhaps not enough calories so I used Live Great’s Daily Calorie Needs Calculator (HERE) and I apparently need approx 2000 calories a day. So I also use the MyFitnessPal app (available on Android and iOS) to track the daily calories I take. Quite an interesting app, it even has roti canai stated in it (300 cal!).


So yea, writing it down here i guess makes me rather accountable. So wish me luck! :D


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